3 years what a wedding

Third wedding anniversary is considered special. It is considered that these years are the most important in the life of every family, as it is adapting to each other. And if you celebrate it, we can say that the hardest part has already passed and waiting for you long family life. 3 years – what wedding?

leather wedding

3 years what a wedding and what is its value

The third anniversary is called leather. Its name is due to comparison to a strong relationship with the physical properties of the skin. Young managed to overcome minor adversity and now begins the real family life.

Spouses in this period, the need to care for your marriage that skin – to clean, lubricate, prevent the skin is dry and rough, and ultimately not cracked. So to celebrate it made so the troubles never more spouses were not mentioned.

3 years what a wedding


Traditions leather wedding

Since ancient times, before the celebration of the third anniversary of marriage, the couple got rid of all the cookware in the house that has deteriorated, is cracked and chipped. The same must be done with clothes and things that can remind you of quarrels and misunderstandings.

It was thought that a wife must bake cookies in the shape of animals, which will attract the family fortune and will protect from all ills. Cakes to feed all who came to you this day. Recipes this cookie was a huge amount, and often it was passed down from mother to daughter.

3 rocky

On the festive table must contain the loaf. During the feast, the spouses had to eat one fruit is red, symbolizing passionate feelings. In the end it was customary to thank guests. While in turn showered the husband and wife rye grains.

How to celebrate weddings 3 years

If weather permits, this date better be noted in nature. So you not only have fun, but also gain strength and energy. Ways to celebrate can be some – a holiday in the family circle, with friends or family.

3 years of marriage

Deciding magnificently to celebrate, invite all your relatives and friends with children that will add to the event positive notes. A good option would be a themed photo shoot.

The room in which you plan the celebration, adorning wedding pictures, original decor. As Toastmasters, are usually the witnesses or the most active of the friends. Wife should not know in advance all of the scenario ideas can be many. One of them – a holiday in the Western style, when everyone should dress up in leather.

What to give for wedding of 3 years

It is believed that the best leather gifts for wedding can become:

  • accessories and Souvenirs made of leather, preferably red in color;
  • the photo album in a leather cover;
  • leather cases for smartphones, tablets, etc.;
  • if the spouses love to travel, you can give them the suitcase from the skin;
  • watch with leather strap.

It is advisable to leather gifts were paired.

leather wedding gifts

In addition, will be appropriate gifts such as:

  • utensils;
  • bed linen;
  • portraits of the spouses.

Those who to all have creativity, you can make a gift with your own hands – leather bracelets, stuffed toys with leather inserts, application to the skin.

Congratulations to the wedding 3 years

An important part of the celebration will be congratulatory messages to the couple, in which guests wish the couple prosperity, health and love. They can be in verse, and it is said off the cuff. If you do not possess the necessary talent, but want to congratulate the husband and wife, can find suitable verses on the Internet.

3 years wedding

You can congratulate and mounted photo album or video, which will be collected all important moments of married life, a variety of activities, including the cutting of the wedding celebration.

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