2 years what is a wedding?

All proud people who have managed to stay in the marriage, twenty, thirty, and even fifty years. As a rule, for them rolled large, luxury holidays, but it is necessary to pay attention to those who only began their joint journey with a loved one. They could live together for a few years, and you should know that 2 years what is a wedding?

2 years what is a wedding

2 years what is a wedding

It is hard to doubt that two years is a very short period of time to examine relationships. Major crises usually begin after third year and prior to that time, the spouses, as before, full of warm feelings.

The second anniversary is not yet able to boast of a symbol of the strength of marriage, therefore, answering the question, 2 years what is a wedding, people answer paper. A young family, as paper, can easily break, smatsa, and even burn. However, there is in this material and the positive traits – he can be quite flexible.

The couple, who have lived together for two years, learning to adapt to each other, they change to be able to live a long and happy life together.

paper wedding

Features of the celebration

The name of the second anniversary greatly simplifies the design of the room where it will be the occasion. Of colored or corrugated paper, you can create a variety of ornaments, including origami. Interestingly, in the United States they are the traditional gift on such a day as symbolize both the variability of family relationships, and the ability of spouses to transformation. In addition to cranes origami, for festive decoration elements, you can use butterflies and hearts.

Where else anyone finds the paper, except in the album and specifically bought the packs? Banknotes are also made of this material. In honor of the second anniversary of Greece’s wife dance a special dance, called the dance of money. Its peculiarity is that in the process of moving and guests are required to wear the dancing notes, and then they can join in the dancing.

Among the traditions on the second anniversary of the popular one – the couple should write down on paper all the things that they don’t like each other. It can affect both the exterior and character. Next, they need to exchange their records, and even more difficult to read that out loud.

The guests should be as thoughtfully and tactfully to help spouses. They can advise how to solve this or that question. Jokes are unacceptable – councils should strengthen further the relationship of the newlyweds, not destroy them.


Gifts for second anniversary

It is easy to find a gift that reflects the essence of this holiday. The easiest options are books, and albums to put the photos of the spouses.

Huge number of beautiful and original crafts you can create from paper. Among them is a portrait of husband and wife as well as figurines of papier-mache.

Paper makes it possible to give heroes of the occasion anything. It is enough to wrap the gift with beautiful paper packing. It is possible to make and boxes, if present small size.

With a simple gift consisting of one of paper, it can be something very expensive. For example, tickets to the ballet, theater or concert, as well as various passes.

Also to any gift you can make money, which, as you know, made of paper.


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