15 years what is a wedding?

Five year wedding anniversary is associated with the symbolism of the tree, a ten-year period accompanied by a tin. 15 years what is a wedding? This is the crystal anniversary. Sometimes it is called glass. Why such a long period of family life consistent with such a fragile material? How to celebrate the holiday? What to give and who to invite? Below you’ll find the answers to all these questions.

Crystal symbols

Crystal, like glass, durable enough material. It shimmers in the sunlight, loud ringing and very clean. All these epithets can be attributed to the life of the spouses, which is already 15 years together. Their relationship is time-tested – they are durable and clean. Children a little older, life got better. Life is calm and measured.

But crystal, like glass, can shatter into thousands of pieces. One rash act can wipe out. Therefore marriage should be protected like a crystal vase.

On this day the husband and wife be sure to acquire home something from the crystal. They put it in a prominent place and stored for many years.

15 years, what a wedding

What is customary to give

On the fifteenth anniversary guests give crystal and glass. Dishes, vases and figurines – this is the most common gifts in honor of the holiday. Big crystal set of glasses, carved salad bowls, large dishes, any of these options will please the owners of the house.

Today very popular glass gifts, engraved. Friends can fix on the clear product is their sincere wishes. This thing will automatically become unique, it must take its pride of place in the house of the couple.

The husband may give his wife’s ring with clear stone (diamond, diamond, rock crystal) or jewelry made of Murano glass. An unusual gift would be crystal shoes. The wife will be satisfied. And the man will be happy if I get in the form of gift transparent bottle with the ship, dear beer glass or a watch.

Crystal Shoe

How to celebrate a crystal wedding

All the dishes on the table shall be of glass and crystal. Came to the feast, relatives and friends raise beautiful wine glasses with champagne and share their good wishes with the couple.

Guests must be many, because 15 years is a big date. As a rule, husband and wife invite all the guests who take part in the celebration of fifteen years ago. The most honored guests – parents, spouses and their children, who had to grow up for such a long time.

As usually, crystal wedding invited a lot better to celebrate it in a restaurant or cafe. Otherwise, man runs the risk of to get not funny and gentle wife, and the grumpy cook that falls from exhaustion after cooking all the dishes.

You can arrange around the room candles in glass glasses. This will give the evening comfort and set up romantic.

Also a great idea is the presence of Toastmasters. He’ll defuse the situation, forced the couple to have some fun. Let the husband and wife remember what they were fifteen years ago. A wedding dance is a prerequisite. Before the guests circling each other, the same people that many years ago. To enhance the effect, you can include the same track as on the wedding. But they become wiser, purer and more experienced. If the two have lived so many years under one roof, so they know how to compromise. And it is in family life is most important.

How to celebrate a crystal wedding

On this day people throw away or give away things that were not needed. So the pair gets rid of negative energy and letting the house ease and joy.

According to folk tradition, husbands and wives should drink the champagne and then smash them to pieces. This act symbolizes the beginning of new achievements. So we have come a long way, but there is still so much interesting!

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