Zhivtsovy zakidushka.

If you prefer to work with zakidnogo a fishing rod for live bait, you must have faced certain difficulties. For example, when your bait clings to driftwood and vegetation of bodies of water. You messed up the bait, and perhaps hopelessly lost tackle.

Stalk lost in the Bush, and for predators it becomes practically inaccessible, and then just dies.

Have tackle that can save fisherman from such problems?

Of course they exist, such a set allows you to monitor the bite, its principle is based on the effects of «the club of the laid up», which is being used successfully by many professional fishermen. The required elements that make up the vehicle – a hanging sinker that has a leash with a length of seventy to one hundred centimeters with a diameter of two tenths of a millimeter in diameter below the leading line.

One of the main elements is the float, called sliding. The effect is to free the slide the main line through the loop of the swivel, attached to the leash sinkers. It creates quite a comfortable environment to sinker there are no obstacles in the process of lift production. The design also has a bead that prevents the process getting stuck in a ring of the swivel.

Need to paint the float in a dark color, giving preference to brown or green, white end part must be returned to the limiter. The float is in a vertical position, and then he sinks a little deeper, perhaps deflected to the side. Weight weights must be greater than its capacity, it influences the magnitude of the descent, which is always greater than the distance from the bottom of the reservoir to seventy – one hundred centimeters from the place of fishing.

The rules are simple: you threw zakidushku pore slightly tight line. Thus the float will be at the level of the limiter, that the inclined position. Many experienced fishermen use a bell in order that he signaled bite.

Zakidushka has certain advantages:

The float ensures your full awareness of the process of bite;

Fixing the gear in exactly one place, when you pull the line in different directions;

Easily place a live bait on the bottom, which is important when changing the value of descent. When you are fishing in a weedy pond, take advantage of this advantage;

If you remove the leash, equipped with a tee, you can safely use zakidushku as a depth gauge.

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