Zhestkosty pointer – everything you need to know to choose the dogs for hunting

Breed of dog that was developed in the mid-nineteenth century in Europe. Experts believe that in the creation of this breed were used by the French griffons, cops with short hair and possibly other breeds of dogs. In Russia, this breed is not very common.

Brought to the Soviet Union representatives of this breed were used for breeding purposes, hoping to improve hunting quality dogs.

With the features of cultivation and education to date shorthaired pointer has become a separate breed of dog.

Wirehaired pointing successfully used when hunting in swampy areas, and when hunting waterfowl.

Cables of this breed have a height at withers of about 60-68 cm, bitches usually below 3-4 cm Dog vysokopilya have strong bones and powerful muscles, very moving. On finding moved moderately fast gallop.

Have a brown color in some places with gray and white-gray with the presence of brown spots.

The coat is hard, rough not more than 4 cm in length. In the winter there is quite a dense, short undercoat. When staying in areas possess harsh climate, length of coat and density of cover increased. Skin tight, elastic, folds are absent. Well developed bone and musculature.

Parietal part slightly convex, weakly pronounced occipital protuberance, also implicitly expressed and eyebrows. Mustache and beard on the muzzle, creating the feeling of Squareness. The face has a slightly elongated shape. Lips moderately damp in the corners of the mouth folds do not form.

Ears of medium length, set above eye level, hanging. Eyes oval, with a straight cut, dark and light brown shades.

Scissor bite, good teeth, white, strong, fitting closely to each other .

Chest moderately wide, oval-shaped, the edges are slightly curved. Well-developed withers. Back straight, strong, wide enough. The abdomen is moderately tucked up.

Extremities of the rear and front lean and muscular. Elbows of the front limbs tight to his chest. Hind feet slightly apart, with the sides well-marked angulation.

Paw shape oval, fingers are clenched between the fingers grow hair.

The wire-haired setter’s tail is thick, set high, docked, remains one-third of the tail. In a state of excitement the tail is set a little above the back.

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