You need to take with you on night fishing?

Night fishing promises a big catch. But how to prepare for it to catch really was great? It is necessary to prepare in advance, one day prior to fishing.

Preparing the area and equipment

Night fishing is chosen in advance. It is necessary to study all the features of the selected position and, if necessary, to clean it of grass.

On the street at night even in summer can be quite cool, especially on the waterfront. So you can either dress warmer immediately, or take warm clothes with you. For full protection, it is desirable that the clothes were waterproof. Also need a hat and high boots, because in the dark you can step on a snake.

The second important piece of equipment is a flashlight, without which the night can not do. Better to buy a lamp that attaches to the headdress. It is useful and the second light – long-range. It will help you in case of danger to cover the approaching beast.

The third thing to take care of, going night fishing is a mosquito repellent. Without it, fishing is unlikely to bring you pleasure. Need to check in advance, because now there are many tools that absolutely do not help.

Not interfere with the folding chair, and than.

What to take for night fishing

Tackle box for night fishing, primarily justified by the fact that dark night. Fishing need to prepare so that as little as possible to look in the dark. As the night something difficult to change or snap. Therefore, it is possible to take several rods prepared in advance in various ways. All the other gear, it is better to put in a box with compartments where they are easy to find. In this box you need to put the spare floats, hooks and sinkers.

In the preparation of the gear you need to note that night fishing should only use slip floats and reinertson coil. But the rod with heavier line and bigger hook to take necessary, because the night bite is better than a day and you can catch the big fish.

And, of course, don’t forget the bait to the fish and pliers to pull out her hook.

An essential element will be and rags for wiping hands. After all hands are slippery from fish slime will not give you pleasant sensations.

Also can not be neglected and medicines. Fishing mandatory first aid kit that will at least bandages, iodine and the remedy for allergies.

Night fishing excellent, and if you prepare properly, it will bring a lot of fun!


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