Work types of bait sable and interesting types of hunting

Work types of bait sable and interesting types of hunting

Sable is a small furry animal that is a typical inhabitant of the animal world of the taiga and represents uninterrupted for centuries, the interest for hunters of different countries. It is a predatory animal that belongs to the order of the weasel family. The skin of the animal represents a significant value. Can be different color line, which gets its name. The darker the skin color, the higher its cost and, consequently, the more valuable it is. The cheapest are considered to be lighter, almost gray color.

Sable is a very clever and very strong for its small size predatory beast. More he conducts a ground way of life, great moves and jumping on the trees, but hunts and travels on the ground. The length of the jump of the beast is about 60 cm, the footprints are always large and paired. All members of the order of sable have excellent hearing and sense of smell. Vision can not boast, she developed a little weaker. Due to the unique structure of their strong paws could very easily and to move quickly even on soft snow. The peak of activity of these nimble animals falls on the morning or evening hours. Likes to build their nests in pine forests, close to rivers, lakes or other bodies of water, may nest in rocky deposits, rarely in the trees.

The main and most frequent treat sable can be called rodents, make up the bulk of the red vole. Very often, this small predator can prey on squirrels and even rabbits. Birds are a secondary food Sables, but it happens that they attack grouse and capercaillie. Often animal to hunt in the evening and at night, but if necessary, can leave your shelter during the day. Providence in this animal occurs as soon as the first snow falls and can last up to Epiphany frosts until the end of March, some regions of residence.

Very often, hunting for this valuable animal, the hunters use a special device – samolovama. These devices can work by themselves and to attract the animal to the trap very often used a variety of baits. It can be aromatic, visual fodder and even fresh options for luring the animal. For the manufacture of lures forage type is best to use products that are rich in protein content. This goal can be successfully used mammal meat, poultry and fish. Much less frequently used bait plant type, which are the fruit of the trees or nuts of cedar. The maximum effect from the use of bait can be achieved if meat or fish are pre-prokashani in a warm room. Tuhlovato smell that happens as a result of such actions are more likely to attract the attention of animals. This will be especially relevant and important in the frost, when the usual bait will quickly freeze and cease to spread so necessary to the hunter the smell. Sable grocery perfectly responds to the bait, which is large and gives out a specific smell.

Typically, such bait is prepared as follows. Carcasses of upland game, muskrats and squirrels put in a tight bag and place in the warm place. Once near the bag starts to appear corresponding odor, which indicates the start of the process of rotting meat sprinkled with salt. This is roughly a handful of salt on a few pounds prepared.

Not less efficient in the fur trade was shown by the use of visual or visual lures. By its nature, the sable is very inquisitive and the use of visual lures, and stimulates this beast marking and exploratory behavior. The animal will certainly notice every new item that appears at the outside of the property.

Work types of bait sable and interesting types of hunting

Sable never pass constructed shelter of branches, stumps, built the patio, or the usual canopy of spruce branches. But in order to lure the animal directly to the trap it is necessary to use special measures. For example, when simulating a snow-covered hole of a hazel grouse near this place dropped feathers. To create the hole snow thickness razgrebet to the basics, to the ground. On top of the trap is masked with moss, fallen needles, rotter and fallen branches. Not superfluous will be, and hanging within easy reach of a bird’s wing or the skin of animals that is sure to attract the attention of the sable.

No less effective for attracting sable and fragrant homemade baits which are created from the scent gland secrets certain types of animals, as well as urine or feces. Going to such bait out of the snow, directly in the forest.

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