With a float rod for spring pike

Spring fishing for pike is so fleeting that you need to quickly grab their hands on fishing rods and go fishing.

Mostly for pike spinning rods are used, but in the spring to fish the bait with a float is more interesting and brings bad results. But fishing with live bait leads to the fact that pike caught considerable size.

To build the tackle for pike is not difficult should only buy about five-meter rod, which is equipped with rings and reel seat. Fishing line should be of 0.30 in diameter, as pike can swallow large.

The tackle set the float about 6 grams and sinker, which is lighter by 2 grams than the float.

Hooks for clever pike must be No. 12-14, it is not necessary to set the bait bigger hooks, as the pike delicate nature, and feeling in mouth metal, spit it out and you will be left without fish. But with a small hook and impaled him fry, a pike will take it confidently and with proper pause and sweeps, pike is here to stay.

Don’t forget that with a small hook and the fight with the pike, the hook can straighten and your quarry will escape.

Catch pike in the spring, preferably early in the morning until the sun went high over the pond. At this time, the pike goes hunting, mostly overgrown with algae and swims close to the shore. Along with pike in the spring time and early morning can get Ikryanoye perch, but it will only be until 10 am. Then you will only catch small pike, and all your trophies should be caught only early in the morning.

Spring fishing pike can reach that in a few hours, you will be able to enrich themselves with several dozen pikes, but you need time to stop, because the pike are all at the stage of ripening and when fishing for pike, you need to think about fishing in the next year.

Spring for the angler it is very difficult to get a treat for pike, as autumn and winter pike and perch have consumed a large number of fry. And yet, and despite the fact that the pike spring is enriched with caviar, live bait it is necessary to choose the smaller size and narrow shape.

At this time live bait for pike can be bleak or common Rudd, but gusarka, there is a wide body will not do Ikryanoye pike because of the size and shape of the body.

As for draping fry on the bait, so here the controversy between anglers is always present. Some say that the line needs to pass through the gills, then through the mouth and put on a double hook, so the fish stay alive for a long time, but this opinion alone. This method is suitable for spinning, but for my daughter tend to put bait on a hook, threading his dorsal fin, which contributes to longer, more active movement and it is more convenient for the ing rod.