Winter zherlits: pros and cons

As you know, imitation fish consists of three main parts – the basis of the tackles (considered most important), coil and, of course, flag. The last two elements are used the same everywhere, but the main differences in the structures lie in the construction execution of their main parts. Therefore, in practice, faced with a few choices of winter zherlits: imitation fish on tripods, imitation fish-racks and imitation fish with a support base.

Imitation fish on tripods. The name itself makes it clear that such a set in the working position rests on the legs, the number 3. Between them center mounted spool with a wound on her fishing line, and the top checkbox. The main advantage is its stability – not turned over with strong gusts of wind. The downside is that the hole remains open, causing the water in it freezes, and it brings extra trouble fishing. Therefore, the majority of fans of winter catching of a predator using it in the latest people or in the thaw.

Imitation fish-stand. Its basis is a rack, made of metal, plastic or wood. One end is pointed (this side of the whole structure is installed in a working position near the wells), the second check box is selected and the coil. The main plus – small footprint (takes up very little space). But convenient to use this hooks under the ice only if the ice is enough snow to set. Otherwise, the angler will have to drill another small hole and morosity stand him. There is also the unresolved question of the openness of the hole, and if you miss this point, then after a short period of time it gets a lot of ice to pull him out of the vein becomes an almost impossible task.

Imitation fish with a support base — a very famous fishermen because gear of this structure are sold in all fishing stores. It consists of a plastic disk (people say simply «plate») to which various options attached stand, and have at it box and coil. This disc is mounted directly over the hole. Its main function is to not let her freeze to death. A scaffold with a rope from the reel passes through the ice via a specially made for this hole. Such imitation fish is very convenient to use at any winter. Minus – plastic often freezes, and when it is necessary to remove the tackle, it cracks and breaks. But the fishermen solve this problem by just remove the standard drive and put a wooden (grind it yourself). The most important point when choosing the set of Gerlich is a convenience to the angler, so everyone picks up the tackle for winter fishing predator himself – who puts the priority of compactness, and someone weight and dimensions.

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