Winter walleye on the balancer

The balancer is bait, made in the form of small colourful fish. Front and back it set into the hooks. Top baits have a loop to which is attached the fishing line, the bottom is a triple eyelet for the hook. In the tail of a fish built-in stabilizer which allows you to «play» balancer. Typically, such lures have a length of 12 cm.

Before the fishermen for catching of predatory fishes used baubles of different types. Now increasingly found fishing on the balancer, for example, Zander. The effectiveness of this lure can be explained by the fact that «obnovlennyh» fish ponds have become accustomed to with the usual baits and avoid them. Adult walleye is probably many times faced with unpalatable lures. These fish hunt in packs, and when one of them dies from such glands, others react and begin to fear. In those waters, where blesnet little catch on the spoon good.

The balance weights has one important advantage – thanks to the stabilizer, it is very similar follows the movement of small bait fish. Balance weights for walleye have a size of 5-12 cm. At depths greater than five meters to the big balancer often takes small cudaczek. The weight of the balancer is adjusted depending on the flow rate, often it is 10-20 grams.

Active biting of a pike perch occurs in the early morning and evening, and sometimes during the day depends on the weather. In some places the pike goes hunting at certain times of the day and fishermen with experience using it.

Fishing for walleye is very similar to Okunev. First, allow the balancer to reach the bottom, then a small movement of the rod raises the bait on 15-20 cm On the muddy bottom of useful bait «knock» on the ground to raise the bars Mulyak. When fishing on the ice, do not allow the balancer abruptly was played out, as this can spook the fish. If a long time takes, try to catch at different depths – pike feeds not only on the bottom.

Tackle for fishing on the balancer are required to be collected by such recommendations. The handle of the rod should be not less than 300 mm, the rod is tough and durable. Her fasten the hard whip, the signaller and the balancer. Length of whip is about 300 mm. When using the balancer do not need to frequently raise the bait. Neat movements of the whip on the rod to create waves with a one minute pause.

Line take size of 0.2, if thicker, then the gear will be poorly sensitive; if thinner, Zander can end it. Some fishermen use the fishing line 0.25 and more, believing that a smaller perch cuts. In fact, when you pull, this fish can cut any woods. Accordingly, the balancer tied to the line leash made of tungsten with a diameter of 0.2. If you take the thicker the rope unusable for fishing.

The most well-balancer suitable for fishing in quiet water flow. Of course, there are lures for fishing on the course. The balancer is not a spinner, he doesn’t have to move sharply. Its purpose is to create the same small waves that create a small fish with their fins – to attract predatory fish. When fishing, wait until the lure will not fall to the bottom. Then again raising her on two feet, making a few small jerks. Now wait a minute, until the tackle is again lowered to the bottom. Usually, at this time, and we should expect the fish to bite. If he doesn’t – repeat all the above again, you can change the depth. When not feeding more than half an hour, you need to change the bait, or move on to another hole.

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