Winter trolling, and winter float fishing rods

In winter, when fishermen catch by trolling from under the ice, it’s called trolling. Usually winter trolling perch better take, and often small, so the fishing is somewhat reminiscent of spinning. There certainly has its advantages: no need to bother with delicate baits and groundbaits multicast, it is not necessary to strain your eyes, staring at the nod of spinning. And you can still work around a bunch of holes in search of perch flocks, basking in their well drilling. Especially good biting of a perch on the first ice, in the first week after freeze-up. Even a bare jig catches and rookie.

Equipment. When fishing in winter trolling use a spinning length of 40-80 cm the reason is that most often caught standing, because almost always you need to look for the predatory fish and to sit in one place is very rare. Fishing standing allows you to develop greater range of motion of bleszinki, which is very important for a good game, but it takes a pretty long spinning, the tip of which can be lowered to the hole without bending. When fishing for bass — the dirty pole take a more subtle and more elastic; fishing tackle for pike and Zander take more powerful.

Use fishing line with a diameter of 0.25 to 0.35 mm Stock of fishing line (10-15 m) are placed on the spool with the stopper or on motoviltse, mounted on the handle of the rod. Metal just like any other leash seriously affects the game spinners — its not praise. A nod is also in principle not required: the bass bite is easily felt.

Winter spinners have significant differences from the summer. They work in the vertical plane, but the summer — mostly in the horizontal. The main difference between them lies in the fact that winter is asymmetric. Often caught on the plates that are made from uniform thickness metal and slightly bent. These lightweight spinners are often used at depths of up to 2 m.

The variety inherent in summer spinners, winter is no different. They differ in more dimensions. Perch fishing lures are used the spoon length is 5 cm and weighing up to 10 g; for the perch — more narrow, length up to 8 cm and weighing 15 — 25 g; pike loves baubles, large-scale planning and spinners, mounted on a metal leash (they may have a single hook, and tee).

The hook is soldered into the hard body of the spinner so that the sting was located on the surface of the spinner at a slight angle and not parallel.

The center of gravity winter classic lures for striped predators mainly displaced downwards. This is achieved through thickening of the solder in the bottom of the expanded portion of the copper or brass plates, where at the same time and revels in the hook. The traditional production technology of winter blesen allows you to receive their bi-color: yellow base and silver on the other hand due to the solder.

The spinner itself is often round in shape with a slight smooth curves. Because of this it is not a stone falls to the bottom, and descends more gradually on a zigzag path and it always repeats itself after repeated minor lifting. There are spinners with offset in the upper part of the center of gravity. Due to this, they deviate to the side when lifting it up.

To play the jig does not obstruct the fishing line include a ring for mounting the spinner, and it is better if the two rings. Some craftsmen manage to solder the spoon to swivel to the spinner rotated freely around the vertical axis.

Fishing technique. The spinner is lowered almost to the bottom, then pretty quickly up about 50 centimetres, can be evenly, and it is possible with several aftershocks. After that, let it float freely, without spinning closer to the hole. As it is impossible to give to stop spinning spinners, so do not allow to freeze and winter blazenka. Experts blesneniya manage to drive the spinner in the side from the hole, oblasova with greater space, you need to have a free supply line. The spinner in such cases starts planning from the hole, provided that it’s light and sailing. In addition, it is often lowered on the bottom to raise a cloud of turbidity.

Some anglers try to disguise the hook of the spinner with the red yarn (preferably wool) or a piece of red cambrica, pieces from the balloon or pushed onto the hook eye first caught perch. Sometimes on a hook baited with a piece of worm, motylja.

The result is combined on one pole of the advantages of the winter spinners and jigs. To improve fishing efficiency in the above lures at a distance of from 10 to 30 cm tied on a short leash small jig or hook.

Of course, winter baubles not intended for use of additional bait or lure, but very often the bite is really improving.

Winter fishing float

To facilitate the fishing to keep the rod in hand, apply the winter float fishing rods. The main difference from the spinners — the presence of a base, through which the bait can be set on the ice.

Winter float rod allows you to catch and a plumb line, and from the bottom, and even from great depths. Detectors bites are small floats with a height of 2-3 cm, have the form of an inverted cone.

When fishing for large fish without a float not do. All because of the depth and bream, perch and predatory like grabbing the bait, quietly lying on the bottom. Here of course, and need old faithful float, which is slightly lowered in the water, clearly on duty, waiting for the fish to bite. It is immersed in water, so it does not demersal ice.

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