Winter spinning — myth or reality

Many who cannot imagine how to catch fish on spinning in the winter time. However, it’s a long time common type of winter fishing. The only difficulty in this fishing — find the right place, because the water in most ponds freeze and catch on spinning will not work. But given that the Internet such information is full, is to find such reservoirs will not be difficult. Consider examples of reservoirs located Moscow and the Moscow region.

First, it is the Moscow river. It is believed that in this river to fish is impossible, it is polluted by the chemicals and its just not there. But it’s not. There are areas on it where you can fish, moreover it is there and is caught! But to then use it for food or not see for yourself, it depends on your prejudice on this account.

Eye also, there are places where the water does not freeze in the cold — hydroelectric power station «Kashirskaya». In this pond the fish are much cleaner, it can be eaten without any concern for health.

Ivankovskoe reservoir. Here, the discharged warm water from the Konakovo hydroelectric power station allowing you not to freeze him in these places all winter. It is possible to fish from the boat until you lowered the water level in February the water shed and you can walk to places on foot.

Now it is worth noting kind of tackle to pick up fishing. First you need to decide where to go, if it is a large river or reservoir, utilise selectable from 2.5 to 3 meters, the line’s most high-quality and durable, Wobbler, minnow or vibrohvost the size of about 6 cm, because the size of the bait will not affect the value of the catch. On large reservoirs consideration should be given to the length of the casting, as the fish is at a distance from the shore.

On smaller rivers and reservoirs, tackle should choose slightly shorter than the larger, the lure remains the same, because big differences in them. To catch in such waters are pike, Zander, perch, Chub, ASP. On a more shallow waters you should find the pit — this is where the fish are.

Moreover, in such waters the fish are much cleaner, allowing to use it for food.

Currently, this type of fishing is becoming very popular, allows you to catch on your favorite gear all year round, to enjoy it, to enjoy nature. If you drive a company of several people, after a successful fishing you can enjoy delicious soup, which will cook on the spot.

So you understand what’s spinning in the winter does not have to stand, you can find many places where you can go and use your favorite gear to the destination. It is therefore safe to say that spinning in the winter is a reality!

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