Winter pike fishing on the balancer

The catching of a predator on the beams is a relatively new topic in the ice fishing. But in this topic in recent years inquisitive fishermen made many discoveries, especially in pike fishing. For example, it was discovered the secret of ulovistost as a quality brand and cheap Chinese models. And it was easy! Brand balancers work flawlessly: moving always just spout forward, unfolding clearly and confidently draws outline, looks like a sign of infinity.» How well the bait performs these movements, the more efficient it is considered, especially pervalidus. With the deterioration of the oxygen regime of the pike already indifferent to the charms of actively moving, attacking them almost exclusively during pauses and stops, and with a light movement on the spot. Moving to attack the same bait only when the rise is more gradual and short – balancer can’t be far to the side. As for cheap «bad» balancers, these «curves of a snail» do not depart far from the hole and crash – falling down barely going to turn, making it roll, but at the same time, nice catch pike! And so there’s an idea: in the middle of winter the main food of pike is a small weakened or sick fish, which is not able to quickly flee from a toothy predator, and therefore catchability balancer needs «to limp and stumble». And here, as ever, by the way, fit a cheap Chinese model.

For small areas up to 2 meters, the pike no matter the size of the bait to successfully catch both large and miniature (3-4 cm) balancers. The main thing that they normally played on the thick Lisky with a metal leash. The leash is best to place tungsten or made their own out of braided fishing line, it is less likely to spoil the game of bait. In the first half and the middle of winter and carefully exploit those points where late fall was seen swarms of fry, as well as the places where pike are often caught on spinning. There most likely Parking toothy predators.

Workshops anglers have developed a trouble-free balance technique – punch in the bottom. To do this, take a high quality balancer, capable of spurts to go far to the side. The bait is lowered to the bottom, spinning in the right hand, the left pull of the coil stock of fishing line about a meter and keep it under tension. Then make a long ascent of spinning, the balancer when it goes far away, at the same time released supply of fishing line, bait, losing acceleration, is planning to the bottom and touches it. Kept a small pause the bait a little lift by spinning, it moves a few inches, the line weakens and the rocker hits the bottom. Most often, when small rises and attacks happen shark. This catch is particularly effective relatively clean bottom.

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