Winter Parking lot fish

The ice hides all traces of feeding activity of the fish that were visible on the open water. Therefore, in winter the angler is very difficult to find in this new, unfamiliar body of water place, where it can be a good catch. Very often we spend a lot of time searching for fish, for example, go several miles and drill many holes. While in winter, daylight is much shorter, so the process of finding places for fishing should be competent and quick.

In the summer during the day, fish makes migration from a deep place to the shallow water and back. In the pits the fish is resting, in shallow water the leaves to feed and whether it’s peaceful or predatory fish. To water plants with the intention of feeding, sent roach, carp and other cyprinids. In the Wake of them rushes and predator.

The same thing happens in the winter, but on a more global scale. After freezing the fish is going in shallow water, where it feeds the remnants of vegetation. In the immediate vicinity is a predator. Therefore, at this time, the fish have to look close to shore: in places where ice is sticking withered vegetation, or some kind of snag.

Toward the middle of the winter, the process of decomposition and decay of vegetation increases, it takes away from the water oxygen, and the fish are forced to move to places deeper. There’s a lot of oxygen but very little feed, resulting in greatly reduced the bite, as the fish feed little and behaves very sluggish.

In the middle of winter the Parking lot of the fish must be sought in the deep places of the reservoir, near the pools and pits. Promising are those areas where, for various reasons, oxygen in the water more than in other areas. These include locations of underwater mines, river mouths or areas below the dams.

On small rivers, fishing can begin on the river bed. Within these places, able to clean small holes, therefore, the steeper the river bed, the better. It would be nice if the coast in this area is overgrown and high, that the shadow covers a large area of the intended place of fishing. Try to search fish in the middle of winter, directly over, makes no sense. This is due to the fact that a lot of fish in fast water, requires significant effort and energy, and oxygen, which is so not enough in the pond in the winter.

Time finding fish can be greatly reduced if you go fishing a big company. To do this, you must properly coordinate their actions and to cover the largest area of the intended place of fishing. To drill a lot of holes, and thanks to the joint efforts to find the fish. In addition, if fishing a big company, it will be possible faster to find the necessary attachments that will be possible to come to this place.

To spend winter less time to search catchability places, you must define them in the summer. Schematic data can be stored in a notebook. Information may include the topography of the coastal areas, large boulders, trees, etc

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