Winter morning fishing for grayling

Fishermen love to fish for grayling, because, being very active and fast fish, the grayling is able to awaken in man a hefty kick. Well, the fish behaves in the summer, but in the frost loses its activity, so catch it it becomes easier. However, the winter grayling fishing still remains a very interesting process. By the way, fried grayling – very tasty stuff… it is Found exclusively in the clear waters. Grayling does not tolerate dirt and stagnant water, and places where the bottom is filled with stones with moss.

If the pond bottom is sandy or rocky, so you can be sure there are grayling to swim in these waters. Yet its presence can be identified by the bursts on the water.

Grayling follows the mode, so the fishing is good at certain times – at dawn and evening twilight. It is best to come at night to drill wells, to supply the bait, and with the first rays of the sun will start biting. In this way the majority of experienced fishermen.

The most popular method of grayling fishing on mormyshka. It should be heavy, a minimum of one gram and a maximum of six. There is also an additional hook, which is tied on a short leash. It needs to rise under the spinner twenty inches, the stinger should be directed down, so the hook will cling to the ice. Options the following nozzles: a worm, a maggot, the larvae of the burdock moth. If bloodworms are painted in pink with beet juice, it will bring a positive result. For winter fishing are looking baitless jig Golden brown. Fishing takes place according to the following algorithm: first, sharply to pull, to lure rose ten centimeters above the bottom, and then slowly jig down. It is very effective. You can make the upgrade spinners specifically for winter fishing for grayling. Take two spoons (weight they should be different), and the color is silver, in the form of drops or pellets. Hook no larger than six inches, wrap a bright feather, formerly owned by a cock. He wound the nylon thread. The hairs will stick out, but they need to be cut so the result is a kind of insect.

Bait – an indispensable thing when fishing any kind of fish, especially in winter when they are hungry. To lure grayling, the right cheese and boiled gammarus.

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