Winter jigging perch

Cabin trolling perch

If there is no opportunity to fish for large predatory fish, like pike or walleye, then a great alternative may be the perch fishing. Winter jigging for perch no less exciting and popular., than trolling walleye and pike. This small predator is quite active lifestyle at any time of the year and is widely distributed even in small ponds


Winter jigging for perch is good because it requires no special gear. Its dimensions rarely exceed 1 kg and usually in the range of 150-400 grams.

1. Rod is the most simple, suitable for fishing in the winter, a length of 35-40 cm is Not recommended to take a hard whip – lowers sensitivity of the game and lure the small predator may pass unnoticed.

2. For winding fishing line suitable conventional motoviltse or a simple coil with a small diameter.

3. A short Nod, 4-6 cm, the stiffness depends on the mass of the lure. The bending angle should not be more than 25-30 degrees. In this regard, it is recommended to take a few nods if you use jigs of different weights.

4. Monofilament fishing line diameter of 0.12-0.18 mm Braid is better not to put in cold water it loses its flexibility and sensitivity, changing the game mormyshkas. For catching Humpbacks weighing 1-1. 5 kg need to use fishing line 0,25-0,3 mm in diameter. The main requirement is to put the thinnest line, to provide maximum sensitivity of the tackle.

The selection of lures

Active perch bite throughout the winter (with a slight reduction in the period of gluhozime) allows the use of a large number of different lures. They can do with their hands, but it’s easier to buy ready-made at the bait shop.

Cabin trolling perch

Feature lures for perch

Winter bass fishing involves the use of technology vertical game that affects the selection of a suitable bait.

1. Most popular models:

– trehgorka;


– glider;

– parachute:

– rhombus

– Pershing and others.

2. Made of metal: lead, silver, copper, brass.

3. The amount of bait depends on the size of the predator in the pond. Most running – If 2-4 cm at the beginning and at the end of the winter, the size of production will depend on the size of spinner, then in gluhozime even large fish prefer bait is small in size.

4. The color depends on weather conditions: bright Sunny day, put a dim on the lure and on cloudy days – bright. Often take lures natural colors: silvery, brass, copper.

5. One hook is fixed in different ways:

hard soldered;

– is slidably mounted by means of a ring or chain.

Can be single, double or triple. The main rule – tip must be very sharp to ensure the quality of cutting and to prevent the descent of fish during playing.

6. The center of gravity of the lure influences its behavior on the water. There are three types:

1) In the head – motion trajectory is unusual, is quite complicated, allowing a predator to lure in the period of strong frosts.

2) In the center – the spinner takes the position close to the horizontal.

3) In the tail – in vertical fishing at the time of lowering the bait out of the way.

The trajectory and distance of deviation depends on the model.

Selection of lure depending on the fishing conditions

Characteristics of the reservoir influence the choice of spinners:

• In gluhozime when predators are kept at a considerable depth, it is important to use lures when fishing the bottom layers. Their difference – a large mass (up to 20 m), which allows to quickly reach the bottom. Will fit the Pershing and gaskets, which are easy to increase the tipped lead.

• At the beginning and end of the winter fishing in the shallows will fit a variety of carnations, the weight of which is 1 to 3 grams.

• Winter perch fishing on reservoirs without currents occurs by means of parachutes, diamonds, gliders and other gliding lures. They provide an opportunity to increase the area of fishing, going far away from the main axis.

• Fishing for runs using oblong baits. To lure not carried it to the side, its mass should be large, and depends on the strength of the current. You can fish in wiring, using light lures, which are being demolished by the flow of water.

The technique of playing. Winter jigging perch

Winter perch fishing is impossible without knowledge of tackle and polished game bait. The very essence of fishing on mormyshka is the need to interest the predator and provoke his attack.

Technique for winter fishing perch

In winter fishing is complicated by the apathy and low interest of the perch to the prey, so all movements should be carefully considered: height, frequency, length of pauses, speed.

With the experience of every angler produced its own tactics of the game, depends on the conditions of the reservoir, fish activity, weather and other factors. But it is possible to allocate principal transactions for perch on mormyshka:

1. Used in the middle of winter, in reducing the intensity of the strikes. The lure touch the bottom and moving, raising a murky cloud, followed by a rise of 1-2 cm After 5-6 repeats of the spinner rises, performing an oscillatory motion, 40 cm and immediately released. After touching the bottom should be 5-7 second pause and repeat cycle. When fishing holes you need 8-10 full cycles. Movement should be smooth, the length of pauses may vary.

2. The spoon stops a few centimeters from the soil, and there is a sharp rise by 40-50 cm After the bait is sent into free fall. At this point all depends on the model of a spinner and perform its movements in the water. Pauses are kept to the point of paralysis at the bottom and stay at the top. Their length depends on the activity of perch – from the complete absence in the constant bites by parvaldu and in late winter, up to 10 seconds in gluhozime. Also changing the height of the elevation – the smaller the bite, the strokes more smooth and short.

3. The gradual rise of the jig when fishing a variety of backgrounds. Fishing starts from the bottom. When this occurs, the hoist bait and sharp relief with a pause after a full stop, and so about 20 cycles. In the absence of bites the height of the trolling increases by 20-30 cm So you can easily explore all the layers of the pond for finding perch and choose the horizon, where it keeps the striped predator.

What to look for when choosing spinners in the store

To choose a quality spinner is quite difficult, given the huge number of models and companies involved in their manufacture. The first thing to pay attention to the following factors:

• The scaffold should be tied to the ring, not the hole drilled in the top of the bait. In the latter case, a high probability of chafing of the line on the edge of the hole.

• The metal from which it is made. Most often it is brass, copper, cupronickel, silver. Very rare stainless steel and aluminium.

• The quality and sharpness of hooks.

• The quality of the soldering and punching.

• Symmetry. Asymmetrical spinner will show a stable and smooth game that will affect ulovistost tackle in General.

Where to look for perch in the winter

With the changing weather conditions, fish behavior changes. This is especially noticeable in the winter. Search fish under the ice is quite a difficult task, so it is necessary to thoroughly study the habits of the bass to ensure a good catch.

Places where fish in different winter periods:

1. The beginning of winter. The first two or three weeks after the formation of ice perch bite is active and find it on the pond can be almost anywhere. Actual thickets of vegetation, areas with snags and blockages from stones. Usually the fishermen drilled holes from shore to the middle of the pond, oblasova in the same sequence.

2. In the middle of winter. The less oxygen is in the water, the deeper is the bass. Prefers space over 4 meters deep, with a clean, not muddy bottom: the pit, the edge of the drop offs. Also the predator can be found in areas of underwater beds of streams where small current.

3. The end of winter. The activity of the fish increases, the bass goes into a stage of active search for food – fry. After them, he moves closer to the shallows, areas of confluence of melt water, mouths of streams and rivers.

For successful fishing it is necessary to drill at least 10 holes, each of which is a few cycles of the game jig for 5-10 minutes.

Useful tips:

• While trolling just need to improvise when posting – it is impossible to allocate a certain technique, which will ensure a good catch.

• Going fishing, stocking several models of lures, choosing the best in the process of fishing.

• To facilitate the replacement of the bait in the cold will help using a small carabiner, with which the spoon is attached to the fishing line.

• Beads and end sleeves of different colors, for kids on the hook, can increase the catching capacity of the gear. But it also happens that the bass are actively biting down on the hook.

• Several rods for different fishing line and a lot of baits will help to quickly replace the gear when you approach the larger or small perch and change the intensity of the bite.

• To examine the trajectory and nature of the movements of the lure in water can be at home in the tub filled with water.

Bass are massively common fish, but to ensure a good catch in the winter is difficult. Winter jigging for perch is able to provide a good haul with good training and the study of the behavior of fish. This active fishing will hardly leave anyone indifferent and will delight even the professional fishermen.

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