Winter is where the fish are bigger?

As soon as the ice on the river becomes strong enough, comes the most beloved men winter fun winter fishing. Consider some of the features of this interest.

How to choose the right place. The fishing spot should match the fish you plan to catch. In places overgrown with grass and reeds, increasing the probability to catch the pike, but walleye here is not to catch as walleye likes to hide under various snags and overgrown with vegetation passes by.

Winter fishing has a very significant advantage of summer fishing is the opportunity to fish virtually any point of the reservoir. However, with this has some inconveniences. From the fisherman completely hidden underwater, making it difficult to find fishing spots. Experienced anglers in the summer, eyeing the reservoir, selecting appropriate locations for winter fishing. Any parameters specified in the summer can help in the search for fish in winter. Look at the reservoir carefully, where the shoots of the place, stronger for the type of bottom. It is the knowledge brings success for winter fishing. For example, in places overgrown with reeds you will hardly find the fish, because the noise of the cane scares her. But in the reeds on the contrary, you can catch pike or perch. Pike kept in the thickets of their victims, into other fish are trying to escape.

A large number of fish concentrated in areas overgrown with horsetail. In a frozen pond decreases the concentration of air, and hollow stems of the horsetail, filled with air, helps the fish to breathe. As the wounded fish swim to horsetail with the purpose of healing. High concentration of alkalis in the water helps them to recover. Places overgrown with horsetail – this is the place of concentration of perches of different sizes. A fisherman who is trying to lure the fish in the grassy areas of the reservoir need to be very careful. The ice in these areas is weaker than in free space.

Pay special attention to the so-called «heel» is quite small among deep space water. These shallows are very attracted to fish. Here you can catch perch, skimmers or roach. Sometimes the sizes of the fish caught in such places, surprised the fishermen, they are not commensurate with the size of shallows. Experienced fishermen know about the existence of whole fish trails. Unfortunately, these trails do not always give themselves the presence of vegetation on the bottom of the pond, but the fish he follows him around constantly, and sometimes even on time.

Carefully inspect the greens, which pulled the hook out of your hole if that happened. If you consider the villain of the hole can be left, to be caught only small fish.

What method of winter fishing to choose depends on the fisherman. If you just want to spend time in the fresh air, the more likely you will make a few holes, lures place and will patiently wait for the arrival of fish. And often the patient fisherman catches more fisherman moves across the pond in search of fishing spots.

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