Winter grayling fishing

To prepare for grayling fishing in winter, in advance, that is, even in the summer. Floating down the river, we will be able to know the depth and prospect pits for Parking fish in the winter, the characteristics of the reservoir and to draw a conclusion about the presence of fish in some deep section of the river.

Stones that goes deep into the shore should be without a touch of organic sediments, that is clear; VIR does not have to be stagnant. We also draw attention to the number of eddies, which are on the section of the river (if several, then the fish will be in the bottom is covered with stones, mixed with gravel and clean sand).

Best summer to make a map where will be marked the pools and pits. These marks do against the shrubs, trees, rocky outcrops and other objects in the area. Also on the card indicate foraging areas, their distance from the maelstrom, the main direction of the jet and the width of the target given the fall of water. All we desired to do, not to be without a catch grayling, as well as to winter beneath us was water (not to get on the ground, and after replacing the blades again in the stone). Considering all this, we purposefully use our time. Take on the river (except for spare blades) Bur Cup or cutting nozzle has a diameter of 10 cm, corresponding to the screw rotation of the ice. As in the period of freeze-up and an autumn chill of river water can carry soil, it will be justified. Using a replaceable Cup (even with blunt teeth), we don’t stop drilling at a time, as screws, the screw will just slide on the ice. In addition to the interchangeable cutting heads and stock knives bring a box to drill a specific length, not to dig holes for each exploratory hole. This, however, will not help us with thicker snow.

We will also look at the design of our rods. We need a big nod, do not interfere with the passage of the fishing line, eyelets, elastic, durable, heat resistant whip; stand under the rod of polyurethane foam (for strength and lightness). Will not prevent the use of reels with a friction brake in the form of shaped nut, bolt, or spring-loaded clips (better for cutting in small places). For pen fishing rods use foam plastics, cork, neoprene, etc. Installed fishing line 0,12-0,14 mm with a greenish tint. Now let’s finalize the nod. First, we remove the volume element on the nod.

The best option for us would be to use soldered to the end of the nod ring of thin wire, size is large, and shifted to the left by the soldering, small plastic beads. Get rid of the chord: the sealing brackets from thin steel wire between the attachment point to the whip and the ring diagonally to the direction of the elastic plate; for bottom option – bead set ring on the wire with a length of 7-9 cm (for the best alarm bite). To make cutting at the right moment and clearly identify the bite, need sensitive pointer. Along with this will make accurate setting of gear. For winter fishing of grayling use depending on conditions: muchmoremusic or small or large mormyshkas different colors. Don’t forget that muchmoremusic come in different colors, styles and sizes, as well as baitless and Packed.

Bottom snap-in can also be needed. For quick conversion of fishing rods, it is desirable to use a miniature clasp to snap was mobile and interchangeable. We also need to know what winter baits is very different from the summer as its smaller size. Faux for grayling use when fish are active. Winter bait sometimes with a mirror-like Shine (when fishing under the ice, night fishing).Weak swaying of the Lodge is evidence that the tackle is well set up, and the fishing location is selected correctly.

In some cases the best acceptable tackle is a Donk, as grayling in winter, eats little and is very lethargic. Where the current is rapid, the ground not permitting to demolish the nozzle. In the ground it is advisable to use a sinker from a bent rod of copper, a small jig or muchmoremusic. If we selected the right place for fishing, the bite will appear very quickly. For bait you can use river sand with the addition of ground or powdered eggs. In the first half of winter the best weather conditions for grayling fishing will be cold, frivolous, bad weather. For spring – warmth, resiliency, softness.

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