Winter fishing

In our country, most of which is located in the zone of domination of the winter, from November to mid-April, the winter fishing is the hobby of millions of people. Of course, among the fishermen, there are those who are skeptical on this type of holiday. Honestly not all get pleasure from sitting over a hole in the freezing weather, waiting for any bite. Many believe that the departure of winter fishing, it’s just another reason men run away from household chores and to drink vodka. Of course, among these fishermen there are. But still, the majority of those who rides on winter fishing, finding in this process the outlet that is able psychologically to relax and recharge with energy for the rest of the time. In addition, in recent years more and more women are addicted to this way of recreation. And in place with their men, not only sitting with fishing rods from holes, and even drilled into the ice holes for fishing.

If earlier to get on the big pond catchability place, we had to walk about two hours, but now everything is much easier. For driving on ice appeared a lot of equipment. ATVs, snowmobiles, quadracycle, all this technology gives the opportunity to get to the right places in a matter of minutes. Winter fishing has become much more mobile and interesting. Therefore, the ranks of the ardent fans of this type of fishing, are increasing every year.

This kind of fishing, how exciting is that once you have a chance to go on winter fishing, and feel completely all the advantages of this type of holiday, and people will be «sick» of winter fishing for life.

How anxiously the winter fishermen are waiting for the start of the season, starting to prepare much earlier arrival of winter. After all, for winter fishing was successful, it is necessary to prepare even in the summer. The selection of lures and jigs, proper choice of fishing line and weights. It takes time and experience. And what about the search for a good and warm clothing. Warm winter suit and warm shoes, it is not only the key to your comfort on fishing, but also a guarantee that you will not get sick, even if you spend hours sitting in one place waiting for the coveted trophy.

But why is it that attracted such a large number of people ice fishing? And why it is one of the favorite activities of men? The reason is quite simple.

The fact that fishing in winter is not only a holiday from work and eating a home crowd, but good physical exercise. Peace and quiet on the pond gives the opportunity to the human body fully relax and get positive emotions. At the same time, in order to produce the desired trophy, the angler has to go through several kilometers and to drill several dozen holes. Therefore, these two factors, plus the incredible excitement that is present a fisherman sitting over the hole waiting for the fish, and makes this type of fishing is so exciting and popular. So, those who say that winter fishingis just another reason the peasants to grow their bellies and drink vodka, is very much mistaken. This is a very flexible type of holiday that requires serious physical exertion. Those who are seriously into winter fishing, it is much less likely to get sick and are always in pretty good physical shape.

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