Winter fishing: the lure of the roach

In fishing, as in life, there are basic immutable laws. Winter fishing depends on following these laws. First of all, feeding. Why? In order to hold the jamb, because the roach – the fish is very careful, loves to travel. What lure to choose: a handwritten or purchase?

Purchase the lure for roaches – the solution to very affordable, including in terms of range. That is plenty of choice and is a disadvantage: You are buying a «pig in a poke», You don’t know what to buy, because the manufacturer does not know what to do. He doesn’t know what to lure roaches. So you can buy all the options and independently evaluate each if you want.

How to make a lure?

The basis of the lure is a mixture of several cereals, spices and filler. Important each ingredient. Previously put on the fire a frying pan, she has had time to become hot while preparing the mix. You can make a ingredients: 250g of corn flour, 100g barley, buckwheat 150g, 300g of bread crumb, 100 g of dry beans, 30g of orange peel, 30g Basil. To top it all should be crushed. Use the grinder is very convenient. Obtained gently mix. Carefully observe the following proportion, adding spices: crushed coriander — 30g salt — 10g. Now put all of this on a hot griddle. About 5 minutes by using oil from cannabis or unrefined sunflower fry on very low heat, carefully vymeshivaem. At the end of the roast pour that have happened on the bridge closing the dishes (perhaps so You have, for example, bucket – bonded with each other pots intended for the transport of food). Stir again, will not be superfluous to grind using the grinder. Ready!

Before you go on winter fishing, take a special feeder for Your bait. It is possible to buy or to make. Directly on the fishing bait is prepared, is added to the moth or maggot, or red worm, and then diluted with water.

Prikarmlivat correctly

A good start is half done: effective bait there is. But still need to figure out how to lure the roach, otherwise it is useless. Tip one: the hole will be drilled where the flow is weak: it is desirable that it is completely absent. In addition to the previously mentioned, the unpredictability of the roach is in its potential location as at the surface and in the water column or even the bottom of the reservoir.

On insignificant depth of net reservoir roach visible to the naked eye. Or use the echo sounder to determine the depth location of the roach. In General, the use of a sounder will give a more accurate result. Lure pour slowly so he crumbled in the course of sinking to the bottom. Just not all at once, lure the roach we small frequent portions. So the roach is supported by burning the undying interest he appetite.

When the fish are near the surface, without any additional preparations pour your lure. In the interior and at the bottom of the lure itself, alas, will not. Help feeder. The trough is filled with lure and smoothly lowered to the required depth, and then a few spurts emptied. Other feeders – very hard frosts, when the trough is only slightly immersed into the hole and then drain.

Bait is an important component of the winter fishing, there are no trifles. Your special recipe foods have most of the anglers. After many generations, he went to the child. New bait invented, the old always not against to share. Catching roach is a classic, catching roach is a school. The right bait will provide a stable poklav roach, and the large prey it will not stop.

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