Winter fishing: select the box

If you wish not to take on a fishing trip in the winter, tackle, not dressed in overalls, but without a box it is impossible to do. Such a repository is necessary for the most necessary things to a fisherman; replaces wardrobe, the backpack provides a place to sit. It is clear that requirements that relate to the subject of durability, comfort and maximum functionality. Functions that need to carry a box of fishing in winter, dictate the requirements that should guide the fisherman when purchasing necessary things. So, first of all, you need to think carefully about the set and the number of fishing gear, and this, in turn, depends on the type of winter fishing. The box for catching fish in winter is selected to meet the conditions of its operation. First, the fisherman must decide on what winter fishing he actually is going (this will depend on the type of box). It is necessary to estimate the required size of this container, depending on your fishing equipment. If the preference for fishing with float rods, there’s no need to get up often, and that means you need to buy a box of low height, good capacity, comfortable Seating. When fishing on mormyshka in winter the angler have to make long passages to choose suitable for trolling places. In this case it is better to buy high and light box (it is comfortable to wear, easier to get out of it). The capacity of the box for winter fishing comes second. Interim version of the box (average height and the same capacity, easy to carry) is recommended to fans of the combination of these two types of winter fishing. It is also desirable that a convenient seat. After determining the shape and size of the box to catch fish in the winter, choose a material of such a product. This is usually metal or plastic. Drawer made of solid metal, but touching it at sub-zero temperatures is not very pleasant, besides it has a decent weight. Plastic box often crack in the cold, and in severe sub-zero temperatures, it can break. But plastic boxes gain in price and weight compared to the same metal products. Material box for winter fishing should be required to comply with the terms of use. In any case, it is necessary to pay attention to the comfort of the seats. If the manufacturer does not offer special treatment, the owner is able to make the seat from a piece of foam rubber or any foam and attach it to the lid of the box. Internal device boxes for winter fishing is also in the spotlight. The number of branches and ease of access to any of them, the variety of gear that are contained in the box, defines the joy of fishing. Special bag for fish, skids for ease of movement add pluses boxes for winter fishing.

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