Winter fishing roach

The main depth of the site, where it will be fishing, shall be not less than 6-9 meters.

Depending on the situation, you must try to catch fish using a jig (such a set is called «pokatok»), or just trucks (otherwise use the rope without the jig), only the light. Depending on the strength of the flow will need to replace all the jigs, or a sinker to finally get a good result.

In the area where fishing occurs, there must be a ditch about 150 meters wide, and it must be sufficiently gentle slopes.

To catch fish you need to drill three or four holes in different places. You need to sh in each of them periodically.

Feeding. If too large a water area of winter fishing, to detect, and does roach, is quite problematic. Therefore, the selected promising place for fishing is better to the bait. In the absence of flow can be put on the bottom bait feeder (it is also called «truck»). Another way to feed small fry: take a bag of mesh on the bottom bears the burden, laid crusts of bread with balls, consisting of bread, added Joker added bait «Fishka», which are added liquid attractants.

If you just to lure far are the holes due to the lack of fish during the day you can alternately conduct the harvest of the spare holes.

Set of gear. In the Arsenal of tackle for winter catching roach should typically be 4-6 winter fishing tackles.

Mandatory, except mormyshkas tackle must be «Gruzovoy». In this gear instead of the spinner there is the usual hook, which is secured above the sinker with a clip, and slightly higher weight prizemlyaetsya the second leash.

Bait for catching roach. The main bait for winter fishing roach – dough, bloodworms, maggot. In the case of the vagaries of the fish (does not respond to the bait hangs motionless), is driven, pulling gear, using the game as a jig with a high amplitude. Quite often after the alluring dance of the moth roaches can’t resist.

In the dead of winter, especially when there are changes in atmospheric pressure, as a rule, any fish is very capricious. Polivaet insecure and quite carefully. Even when fishing in current, it may first be approached several times to look at the nozzle before deciding to taste the offered treat.

Any Hobbies, especially in winter fishing, should be some comfort. To provide comfort you can put the tent from the snow, or staying comfortably on the ice.

Cranky roach after about noon the wrath is changed to mercy – she starts great bite. Feeding the fish flock slowly beginning to move through the territory, creating a tense expectation in the fishermen-plotvichek. Lured on the ground caught roach more often and much more confident. Bite fish descended from the monkey, moth, perhaps from a loaf of bread, sometimes even a nibble on the foam ball on the hook.

Almost any bite roach occurs mainly from the bottom, a depth of about 8-10 meters. In the water column the bait to take roach most often refuses.

Winter short days, but with a good bite time flies by almost unnoticed!

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