Winter fishing. Predator fishing on imitation fish

Many who love winter fishing. It is something unusual, alluring, one is interested in the unknown of what is below him, because the water surface is hidden from view under the ice. Therefore, a lot of people Wake up at 5 am, dressed warmly, and through the deserted streets of the city are coming to the reservoirs for receiving the charge of peace, calm and tranquility, which gives a quiet winter morning.

There are many ways of fishing in the winter, the article will talk about fishing on imitation fish, very common gear in the winter. Such tackle usually catch predators because it can withstand heavy loads of large fish. I would like to mention several types of Gerlich.

1. There are vertical and horizontal imitation fish. Horizontal are made on the basis of wood, usually plywood, it is attached to the spool of fishing line, attached the box to secure the bait, the tackle is equipped with a hook, if you need a leash. The most convenient to use for small holes from the drill, you can leave for the night, since it is almost not noticeable on the ice. To downsides include the fact that it is impossible to use for larger holes, bad noticeable this tackle at a great distance, no need of coils on sale for their production. Vertical imitation fish are mounted, usually of metal tubes, with an attached box, line reel, a mount for fixing the flag. The lack of such means of fishing — poor structural stability and no-load operation in a strong wind.

2. Another type of Gerlich — made factory, who are ready to buy at the bait shop. The main advantage is that most nothing else to do, sold ready-to-use tackle. However, the cost of such products is not small, the majority are made of poor materials which makes them brittle with careless operation can only be applied on small holes.

So, if you have selected the gear, and maybe made it yourself, you should pay attention that without bait, and that is without a handle, you will not be able to get a decent copy. The most common type of bait fish is the one caught in the pond where you decided to go fishing. Besides, there is no guarantee that the fish will survive until the arrival at the place and fall asleep. Therefore, arriving at the lake, you must first catch sufficient quantities of fry, about 5 cm in length, this is the most common size of the bait fish, which comes across a predator.

After all the necessary procedures, go directly to fishing. If you did everything right then a good catch you are guaranteed and you will be able to please the home a delicious fish soup for dinner or Vice versa fried fish. Good luck!

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