Winter fishing on the «harvester»

The result of any fishing, especially winter, is directly dependent on the choice of fishing gear. And need to be chosen not only for a certain type of fish, but also a specific body of water. Choosing tackle for winter fishing it is necessary to pay attention not only on the already long-proven equipment and to other, newer ways of catching fish. One of those that is suitable for perch and other predators in virtually any rivers and lakes, is the so-called «kombain». Many do not know about this method of fishing, and of course deprived themselves of the opportunity to get a pretty good catches. So, let’s examine what it’s for tackle and how to use it:

The combine is a special design of the lure. It consists of sparkle, which is soldered a large hook, and attached 10 inches above the spinner jig. Some anglers perestrahovatsya, tie a jig on a leash. But it is possible to do without it, leaving the lure to slide freely on the main line between the two constraints.

Typically, these baubles are made of a thin sheet of colored metal. Most often this is copper or brass. One side of the spinner glued with ordinary foil, with glue, or are painted in bright red color with black stripes. Although color can be different, here the experiments are not prohibited, rather the opposite, because in every pond fish prefer the bait of certain colors. So, ready to catch in this way, create a few more spinners with different colors to find the one that works on selected river or lake.

As for the rod, here special design is not necessary. Need an easy winter rod equipped with a reel with a diameter of 0.5 mm and a spring with a nod. For the rigidity of some professionals this method of fishing, is passed into the spring thick fishing line or a thin rubber tube. This gives you the opportunity to more efficiently play a jig and a spoon, which greatly increases the success of fishing.

Spinners can be used very different. The ordinary shop is also quite suitable. But you can do it yourself. Here’s how: take a thin copper plate and roll it in a cone. Obligate it and bend in a conical tube. Insert the sharp part of the hook No. 7, and with a wide side cover with tin. The jig is ready.

Now directly about the process of fishing on a «harvester». The principle is quite simple and clear:

Lower the lure to the bottom. Vigorous jerks, lift the jig, then abruptly drop it. University baubles, because of their design, will plan in the direction. If the bite is active, then these are not clever movements would be sufficient.

But good bite, not always accompanied by the fisherman. On the contrary, to catch fish in the winter, you need to apply small tweaks (actually this is the excitement of fishing). So if the bite is weak need to change a few techniques: above 10 inches from the spinners hang one or two light spinners (preferably plastic). The beginning of the game the jig is the same as with a good bite, and in the final stages of a little change of tactics: give the spinner will face the bottom of the river, and make a little pause, playing this time with a nod, thereby driven spinners in motion, attracting the predator. After a short pause, all the listed movement again.

If done correctly, success is guaranteed. To catch such not tricky, but the original method can be any predator. But as a rule, most of these gear intended for catching of large and medium-sized bream. This fish is rather actively responds to the game «harvester», providing fishermen a good catch.

Having mastered this method of fishing, You can not only save your budget(all components of this gear quietly made your own at home), but will get another way to catch the predator, greatly increasing their chances to catch prey.

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