Winter fishing on the balancer

Fishing in winter, the excitement is not inferior to summer fishing. And some ways of catching fish in the winter even much more interesting than summer fishing. It is such for many anglers is fishing on the balancer.

It is good in the first place that caught this way for the most part the big fish. Well at least above average. And hence the excitement of this method of fishing much more. Let’s look at what this method is and what you need to know to always return a lady with a nice booty.

What is a balancer?

First, let’s understand what is a balancer? The balancer is a small lure has the shape of a fish. As a rule, the color of this fish is bright. Although in some cases dark. With the two sides of the fish inserted the hooks. The fish also has two small metal hinges. One that would strengthen fishing line, and the other for the additional hook.

The size of the fish may be different. As a rule, not more than 9 inches.

The correct selection of equipment – the key to success

For that would winter fishing on the balancer was successful, you need to choose the right fishing tackle. It is primarily concerned with rod and reel. As for rods, it should be fiberglass, and hard to have the choke ring. Need this for the following reasons: Fiberglass well tolerate changes in temperature. And as you know in winter they are often. The stiffness allows you to properly play the bait. And double the throughput of the ring give the necessary strength of the rod. And given that the fish we do not expect small, can not do without it.

The coil should be small in size and required to have a clutch that will soften the blow of large fish.

A little about the tactics of catching.

As for fishing tactics, but rather a game balancer, it is different. And apply the particular game a balancer is necessary, depending on the month of fishing. But there is a universal transaction which, as a rule, are Amateurs , which lured winter fishing on the balancer.

This is done like this: Find the balance river bottom, raise the bait slightly off bottom (10 cm) and then with a flick of the hand to lift up the lure at a height of about 30 – 40cm. then let the bait fall to the bottom. After 5 sec. Repeat the action. And so constantly.

If the reservoir for missing or very weak, the pause between lifting — descent of the balancer should be about 8 seconds. If the bite is quite weak, it is recommended that the bait several times to raise the height of one meter and slowly lower. This Procedure is done every 20 ordinary UPS and downs of a stabilizer.

Fishing dull in winter also requires the use of their little tricks. At this time, the bass attacks its prey mostly from the side. Therefore, experienced anglers at this time attached with soft lures. Perch willingly takes on such an interesting bait.

On what kind of fish to expect?

With regard to the diversity of fish that are caught on the balancer, it is dominated by exclusively carnivorous species of fish. Winter fishing on the balancer eliminates catching a predatory fish. When fishing in this way can count on catching primarily perch and pike. In some places you can catch a walleye. Moreover, the tactics of the game separately on each fish has its own. That is great for perch may not attract pike and especially walleye.

Legend has it that a balance beam can catch and catfish. But it is more a coincidence than a pattern.

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