Winter fishing on mormyshka

When fishing in winter, the most common method of fishing is fishing on mormyshka. Despite the outward simplicity of this type of fishing has a huge number of nuances, without complying with which to catch a good catch is unlikely to succeed. Requires great perseverance and concentration, constant monitoring to obtain high-quality games spinners.

Going fishing in the winter you should always carry sufficient stock of all supplies from the line and finishing jigs. It is a good idea to take one or two spare rods. Under the ice to control the terrain, condition of bottom and aquatic vegetation more difficult than in summer, so the number of snags and breaks is greatly increased. This also contributes to the use of thin fishing line and miniature accessories.

When choosing a place of fishing should be considered visible reference points to determine the elevation of the reservoir bottom. As in summer, fish often stands in the pits, on the elevation and on the border of aquatic vegetation. To determine with a sufficient degree of probability, all these places are closely examining the shore. The visited water bodies correct guidelines will also be of the cluster of old wells, but in this case, should be especially cautious and carefully check the strength of ice.

Having defined the fishing spot you need to drill the hole. Typically prepares three to five holes. They should be placed in the shape of a Crescent along the intended line of fishing. The distance between them can vary from 1 to 5 meters. Snow and ice chips from the holes, many fishermen suggest to remove, as it facilitates the process of catching and eliminating marajuana in their fishing lines. However, on the other hand, fish is being careful, and the bigger it is, the more it is expressed. So the fish are not scared slag after cleaning, lightly sprinkle with clean snow with no lumps to create a blackout. This method works well in shallow water fishing for small temperatures.

After preparation, you can start fly fishing. On the tip of the jig is pushed one or the other bait (bloodworm, maggot, Shitikov, etc. to improve performance. Mormyshka falls to the bottom, then rises 1-3 cm. During the game, the jig will dance on the bottom, sometimes touching it. This will raise the turbidity cloud, which will additionally attract fish.

There are a lot of ways to play jig. Among them are swinging at different speeds, shaking, lifting and lowering, imitation trolling and many others. In fact every experienced fisherman have their own methods of play for each type of fish. It is possible to allocate the basic rule – the less active the fish, the more pronounced must be the work of spoon.

The simplest way to play, suitable for beginners fishermen can be called such. First, the jig is lowered to the bottom, then raise one to three centimeters, and begins to shake the nod, at the same time raising the rod. Every ten to fifteen centimeters of lifting it with a series of twitching rod. After rising to a height of half a meter to a meter jig light streaking quickly down to the bottom and lightly stir. After the cycle is repeated. Using this method, you can easily capture the pattern – how deep and games are bite.

When the hole obnovleno bite stopped, do not immediately go to a new one. Stop biting after being caught a few fish can speak not only about the fact that this place is no longer production, but also on the approach or even a completely different type of fish. In this case, before leaving the hole to try to change the nozzle, play style, shape, color or size spinners. Don’t be afraid to experiment and good luck will surely smile.

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