Winter fishing on mormyshka on the first ice

Zimova Ribalka on mormyshku

Winter fishing on mormyshka on the first ice — a special ritual, which begins with the winter fishing season. Many fans of winter fishing waiting for the first ice and the thrill of studying its quality in the puddles. Usually, solid ice is installed at the end of December, but the fishermen go to fishing much earlier.

Features of winter fishing

The first solid ice probably set on small lakes, ponds, bays. It was there to start a new fishing season experienced fishermen. The formation of ice is different. This can be explained by the fact that the freezing of water in large reservoirs is much longer than in the small lakes. It is also worth considering that in places with strong current, the ice is always thin and fragile.

The most durable considered ice a darker shade. Black spots on the reservoir or dark-grey colour of the ice suggests that, most likely, under it is the key or source, and you better not hack this place well. Experienced anglers beware and a white or cloudy ice, as it is often very fragile. If you see a cut through the hole, but there are no footsteps nor any other traces of fishing, it is best to work around it and find a more reliable place. Perhaps the fishermen abandoned this place because of the danger of falling through the ice. There is an unspoken rule: ice fishing on the first ice to go, if the thickness of the ice cover is at least 5 cm in addition, after the first strong frosts there comes the first thaw and the ice strength is much weaker.

Preparing for winter fishing

For a successful winter fishing on mormyshka should be carefully prepared. You can use the following tips:

  1. Even in the summer should look after places of winter fishing, it is good to study the bottom topography and to find the place most crowded of fish. Look for the site of the future Park fish worth at the end of July. At this time the water level drops and it is easy to notice the dimples on the bottom.
  2. In the presence of echo sounders and navigators can explore the bottom for the presence of snags, rocks, and other terrain features.
  3. Any fisherman in your Arsenal must have the ice pick, which will test the strength of ice. Ice needs to withstand several strong blows, then it can be considered more or less safe. But, in any case, we should not forget about the safety rules.
  4. The novice angler the preparation should start well before the start of the season. You must purchase gear box for gear and a lot of different devices.

Winter fishing on the first ice can rightly be called the most prey. It was during this period the fish begin to stock up on food, and because appetite takes the bait. Fearfulness of fish and water clarity is not an obstacle for successful fishing.

How to look for fish?

If the pond is familiar to you, then you will not be difficult to find the fish. If you come to the pond for the first time, you will have to spend time searching for a good place. Fishermen often stay close to other fishermen who have already studied his features. If fishermen are not near there, you can drill a few holes in different places, and then install the rods. Drilling the holes need in the middle of the dark and light areas, the practice shows that here the fish like to stay. If the pond is covered in gray ice, the fish will live in open water, but such fishing is very dangerous. At a depth of several meters usual roach. In the light areas where the light leaks are well worth the change, but soon there will be a predatory fish. It is worth remembering what kind of fish you want to catch. For example, pike hiding in the rocks and snags, and pike likes to hibernate in the grass.

Fishing technique and tackle

Tackle for winter fishing

First ice is thin enough, so neverlet a lot of holes throughout is not difficult, you need to do it quietly, so as not to spook the fish. The hole should be small in size. For successful fishing it is best to use a thin fishing line with a lure, sometimes a good result can be achieved with the help of «sports» gear. But often make use of this fishing tackle is not necessary, it is most effective when fishing live bait. When winter fishing on the first ice, you can use the middle of the jig. And the spinner provides to catch perch and Zander with a mild bite. The most popular and profitable coachmen called «osinka», «eyes», «bug» and «nymph». As bait you can use the dough. If the lure is simply lowered to the bottom, there is a high chance that bite roach. Pay particular attention to the storage spinners. It is to wrap a damp cloth and store in an enamel pot.

Winter fishing on mormyshka is usually a quick bite, but sometimes in bad weather, fishing turns into a lengthy search of the best places of fishing. Picking the right place, it needs to look like. Everyone, even beginners, know that to make noise is not worth it. To sit better in place, lightly covered with snow or straw, because through the transparent ice fish is able to see the person. Do not clean the hole hewn from snow and ice to the end, in order not to frighten its inhabitants. But the line should move freely, otherwise it will significantly affect the quality of fishing. Experienced fishermen advised to start fishing on the first ice on the jig. To protect the line and nod the person should sit with your back to the wind. If you notice the fry or small fish, be sure to prepare the bait for the predator. Some anglers put imitation fish nearby and prepare more bait for larger fish.

Do not forget about the game with the bait. For example, the perch bite if it for a long time and to play actively. When winter fishing the most important size of its balance, not its color. The first winter fishing the most successful with fast playing techniques with bait and a great equalizer. In bad weather, it is recommended to use the same technique as when deep winter.

It is worth noting that winter fishing rod is very different from the summer gear. It is very compact. Of the most common lures jig. It was invented by Russian fishermen. It consists of a hook and sinker and is able to work independently.

One technique that will help you if it fails in the winter, is to use a small jig. It is lowered to the bottom and periodically lifting a couple of inches, stir it. After doing a little pause, and then continue these actions.

Weather conditions

Winter fishing is often not complete without snow, rain, wind and sometimes even hail. But a huge impact on the bite has atmospheric pressure. You should not go fishing because of unstable pressure, the fish are less active, and the person may feel unwell. Everyone knows that when a low pressure well to catch the roach, while at the higher perch. Prey winter fishing will only be at constant atmospheric pressure.

Another factor that significantly affects the catch is the wind direction. Happy biting when the wind is southerly.

Fish respond to environmental changes, therefore, the catch in bad weather is often small.

Winter fishing on the first ice alone threat. And if you’re an inexperienced fisherman, you risk your life going out on the outdoor ice. When fishing on the first ice is not necessary to go far from the shore, hoping to find a good place, because the ice is still quite fragile. The best option would be to catch in a fun and friendly company. You will receive a lot of positive emotions, gain new knowledge, share their experiences, and, of course, will bring home lots of fresh fish!

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