Winter fishing is going on the road

The majority of those wishing to engage in active winter fishing, are faced with many challenges: choice of clothing, rules of placing equipment (convenience and accessibility when changing the place of ice fishing). Consultations on these and other important issues gives Vladimir a Zamyshlyaev (CCM sport fishing and the representative of the magazine «birds of a feather»).

Choice of clothing

Fishing, interested in active fishing gear, have to abandon the use of common set – boots, coats, cloaks UGC and fur hats. The only thing possible to use – warm, and the best woolen mittens. They will surely save you from vysokogradientnogo frost.

The optimal choice at the initial stage of acquisition of the winter set will be the purchase of thermal underwear. In addition to it costs to buy a suit made of fleece or Polartec. The final destination will be insulated procomes with a jacket equipped with a warm hood.

When choosing a headgear, is to abandon the caps with earflaps. A great choice would be wool hat or hat hat. For anglers who use glasses, fit baseball cap. It will save points from unexpected precipitation.

Insulated legs

Important question – shoes. During the thaw of the ordinary boots and galoshes will cause diseases. Best suited boots made of rubber, which are equipped with special inserts. This addition allows you to refuse the use of warm socks. Most models are made of heat-saving materials with a metal layer, allows you to escape the heat. Feet stay completely dry thanks to an innovative system of blagotvoreniya.

The belt is equipped with bags

The next item of the list «the need for active fishing». The material from which the belt does not matter. The only thing to consider – quality performance of locking devices. In any case it is not necessary to use fasteners made of plastic, frost makes this material quite fragile.

At the front of the belt is a compartment for caught fish. You should equip it with a plastic bag. Convenience due to the fact that it reduces the time for the collection of fish caught and its packing.

The second compartment for storage containers with bait and feeders. The best option for this bag will be a rubberized fabric. The upper border should skip metal guide that allows the neck of the bag is not composed.

In this bag you can put special flags. The first is to make 6-7 pieces, in order to designate a fed. In the future this will save you time when searching for their holes and mark the other fishermen that this place is busy.

More does not equal warmer

The abundance of modern materials allows to get rid of the bulk of clothes, deprived of mobility. It is not necessary to pack like you’re going on a polar expedition. If you will be too hot increases the likelihood of catching any colds that in the future will deprive you of opportunities to be actively fishing for an indefinite period.

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