Winter fishing in reservoirs

Winter fishing on the reservoirs has a number of features. As a rule, the ice on reservoirs becomes such immediately, that is why there are a number of rules to be followed during the winter bite.

Since the direction of this lake is frozen for much longer than the rest of the reservoir, respectively, fishing may have its roots in small bays.

In the shallows is usually well caught roach and perch, as, for example, bream with bream are deep in wintering pits. Accordingly access to this highly attractive fish is possible only after complete installation of the ice on the reservoir.

When ice is installed, it makes sense to go to the riverbed in search of larger prey. It is no wonder that the experienced fishermen in this time not only, for example, a white fish, but such a handsome man like Zander.

Most often this fish likes to stand around with a bunch of bream, which is deep enough to winter the Parking lots. Because it does not say, and very often these fish are at the same depth, only the predator likes more abandoned areas.

Therefore, if the angler spends more time on winter fishing, it can be noted a number of features.

So, for example, broke very often you can find small roach and perch. Found in places and pike, but closer to the middle of winter, this predator moves into remote areas of the channels of the reservoir. Because the pike usually feed on small fish, which causes it to hunt from the bushes, the thickets of seaweed, but by mid-winter period generally there is no bushes, no weeds. That is why she has no place to hide anymore, and she starts her move.

Usually at intermediate depths is also found all of the above fish species, but rather larger. Especially the favorite habitat of the perch are the places where a lot of shells.

If you look at deep water, the abundance of fish that should please fishing.

Right here and crucian carp, bream, pike, bream, although carp are usually kept apart, mostly outside the channel.

Of course, there are such kinds of fish like catfish and carp. But usually at this time the fish aren’t biting. Although the success has not been canceled. After all, about catching catfish in the winter, a lot of legends.

And the main problem with winter fishing remains the migration of fish and regulation of the water level. But everything comes back to normal when the situation stabiliziruemost

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