Winter fishing. Ice fishing jig baits

Jig baits — twisters and various vibrohvosta, of course, designed specifically for fishing spinning. But the real fisherman is always inquisitive mind and a willingness to experiment and often, this thirst for experimentation, brings results. So why not try, it would seem that summer only bait, when fishing from the ice?

What to catch?

Jig baits are known among anglers for its efficiency when fishing for predator, mostly walleye and perch. Especially popular at present, so-called «edible rubber», is mouth-watering, from the perspective of the fish smell. But, as we know, Zander, and perch, fairly active not only in summer but also in winter, and successfully caught on the same spinning with the use of rubber, in the presence of open water. However, the sections free from ice, especially if the winter was harsh, to find not so easy. That accounts for the lovers of jig fishing to wait for the arrival of spring. But what if you use a jig when fishing from the ice? At first glance the idea is absurd, however, many anglers successfully use this type of bait in winter fishing.

How and what to catch?

Low temperature is not a hindrance, because the bait is in the water and, although it is much colder than in the summer, still has a positive temperature, and tires will not lose their properties, will not freeze and will not be «oak».

Bait, with this method of fishing is no different from the summer — a regular jig head, chosen in accordance with the depth and force of the current (if any). On a jig head mounted with tires of appropriate size — that is, as when fishing jigs on spinning. But the tackle, of course, will vary from spinning, although she is also familiar to most fans of winter fishing. This is a common winter bait for catching a balancer or vertical jig. It is important to choose the right gear and all its components for the specific conditions of fishing and the weight of the lure. It is better to have a set of interchangeable whip and nods to choose the right depending on the places of fishing, the depth and current.

As practice shows, is particularly effective in winter fishing on rubber, microdis — that is, a small gogolevka weight from 1 to 6 grams and, consequently, little bait. It may appear desirable not only perch or walleye, but it is a peaceful fish, bream, skimmer bream and even roach. It is not ruled out catching pike, so when fishing on waters where a big chance vole «toothy» is not superfluous to put a leash.

Fishing technique as well similar to winter fishing, although the experiments with the play of the lure are welcome. «Tapping» on the bottom, flip bait, chaotic game — it can bring the desired result and attract the fish. The more diverse the game is, the faster you can pick up the most effective techniques.

Bite when fishing jigs in the winter, a plumb line, with nothing comparable, especially if the bait was tempted walleye, Bursch, or large bass. A sharp, strong blow, which radiates to the arms, will provide a rush of adrenaline and full reward for waiting.

Where to catch?

A well-chosen location, as you know, the success of fishing. The most promising places where the bottom topography changes — pits, pits, drop offs, eyebrows and so on. It is here all year round feeding pike-perch and perch. In any case it is impossible to avoid places where there is natural cover — driftwood, fallen trees. Moreover, the fishing jig from the ice, provides the angler a unique chance to sh zakoryazhennyh places, which are available in the summer when fishing on spinning because of the high probability to catch and cut bait. And if you hide the sting of the hook to the body of the lure, the chance of «hook» is reduced to almost zero.

If the pond is not familiar, in search of promising places for fishing will help Fishfinder, or check the bottom of the «manual» — a simple lowering bait to the bottom. Drill the hole about a meter from each other, gradually moving away from the shore. Where the depth will be dramatically different from the previous hole and worth catching.

Most often a new tackle or bait is able to show outstanding results where traditional fishing methods are not effective, but because it is in the desire to experiment and that is the key to success!

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