Winter fishing from the ice

The tackle for winter fishing is very simple. This winter the rod with a thin monofilament line, with a nod and a jig head. You can use the fishing under the ice and the float. For this fishing the rod length varies from 15 cm – 40 cm For catching the nod, in short, and for fishing with a float longer. Very effective and interesting way to enjoy winter fishing. Variety of lures for this type of fishing is very conducive to popularity. The length of the rod in this case everything depends on the growth of a fisherman, but usually it is lower than 1.3 m.

A handle for fishing rods better to do longer, as in the cold in the big gloves are not very comfortable to hold something small. Stand stand beneath the fishing rod will be useful too, because at subzero temperatures periodically will want to warm their hands, and the rod in this time where-that to place. The place of detention is better to make a warm material according to the type of cork or foam plates cools the hand in the cold.

The line you need to choose as thin as possible, this in order not to spoil the game of bait and increase the sensitivity of the tackle. The line is thicker than 0.25 mm should not be used. The latter must be without knots and damage.

Fish in the winter is very sluggish and careful, you need to minimize the visibility of fishing on clear ice. This can be done with tarpaulin or thick fabric laid at fishing in diameter from 1 meter to 2 meters.

To prevent freezing of the line is possible with the help of medical glycerin. You just need to moisturize the spool or reel.

Fishing from the ice in winter will become more productive when using bait. It should contain a large number of animal items, as they will stir up the bottom and its activities will attract fish from a distance. Fishing is directly above the bottom, it should be as quiet as possible because any noise scares off the potential catch. For the nozzle on the hook you should use what is in the bait. For example, bloodworms or maggots.

Fishing with a jig involves the use of a thicker line and powerful rod as a chance to catch a large predator increases.

Your outfit should be comfortable and warm. Tackle must be put in a convenient place, because it is unlikely that the frost will want to dig into things for a long time.

For drilling holes need ice pick or drill. The Icepick suitable for ice thickness up to 15 cm Ice thickness of 15 cm to break a successfully is problematic and this will help us Bur.

The diameter of the hole depends on the screw diameter. Screw the working part of the drill.

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