Winter fishing for whitefish

The whitefish bite can last all winter, with small UPS and downs of activity. If the place for catching determined correctly, the bite lasts all day, with a little lull until noon. Then it intensifies and continues until nightfall. The most favorable and catchability are considered warm and Sunny days.

Big SIG is almost always in motion and never stays in place long. In search of food, he may stop in shallow water and very deep place, and also linger close to the rapids.

SIG eats everything alive that is in the pond, including fingerling. Regarding his body, his mouth is small, so grew up the young fish, being close to him is endangered.

SIG, the fish is quite shy, so a big company it is advisable not to fish, or at least not making a lot of noise and move around on the ice. Holes for fishing, it is desirable to prepare in advance.

For catching whitefish, you can use the same gear as for hunting for perch in the winter. Spinners choose small and narrow, with a predominance of light tones. For a more attractive appearance, equipped with hooks red thread.

He caught on spinners, which looks like small aquatic creatures. Game the jig is selected from the activity of fish. Basically it is smooth, rises and dips, with a light content. You need to sh in the depth of the water, as the SIG can be fed not only from the bottom.

If to catch poplavochnoj a fishing tackle, it is possible one leash to equip a lure and a second hook with a piece of worm.

The main baits for whitefish, is a Joker. The hole should be well fed. If the water is calm, the food can be served directly in it, but if there’s a current, it is better to lower it to the bottom with the feeder.

Usually, the SIG gathered in one place, in the hole for fishing, a few days poured food. He gets used to the same eating place and far from it are removed. For visiting anglers who fish once a week or less frequent, hard to do. Therefore, it is advisable to choose places near settlements, where local fishermen often go on the ice for fishing and constantly force-feed them. Place for successful fishing you can choose from a variety of ready-made holes or a gathering of fishermen on the ice. Still about some nuances of catching whitefish in winter, see here.

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