Winter fishing for perch

Welcome, dear fans of winter fishing. In this article we’ll talk about the bass. Redfish is fairly common in our area, but this does not mean that it is easy to catch. Like other fish, perch requires an individual approach how to tackle and tactics of catching.

Time and Parking spot perch

The best period for perch is 2-3 week after the reservoir is overgrown with ice. The fact is that, hardly appeared the ice have not deterred a perch with its usual places. To move deep into the pond perch begins already during the ice growth. A period of intense bite falls on the second week after installation of the ice on the ponds, and lasts until the beginning of January.

If you went fishing in the middle of winter – do not expect to find a large flock in a familiar place. Will have to look across the pond and to be prepared for the fact that a pack of snappers will be 7 individuals maximum. Classic winter frosty wind will bring discomfort not only to you. The fact that the frost cools the water that he did not like the perch, and therefore descends to a depth. Get him out of there is quite difficult.

Therefore, the best weather for bass fishing is a quiet and calm frosty morning. Further, during the day, the intensity of the bite will vary relative to changes in atmospheric pressure and temperature.

Uniforms and equipment for bass fishing

So, if you decided to go fishing for perch, then, as the vehicle, it is best to choose a jig. The best option fishing rod will become a regular balalaika from lightweight material such as Styrofoam or plastic. The most optimal line diameter 0.08-1.2 mm. For perch you’ll need a jig of the greatest weight. So choose a jig made from tungsten. In addition to greater weight, they also have a special coating. Tungsten jigs are different, too. The best option when fishing for perch will be the so-called «oralcy». Their advantage lies in the best quality tungsten and in the presence of thin hooks. The volume of the jig can be any length but must not exceed 7 mm.

Also, an effective jigs can be a so-called «hell». Their maximum diameter should be 3 to 4mm and a height of 5-7mm with the accounting hooks.

Don’t waste your time on large vertical jigs – perch, they are absolutely not interesting. To increase the effectiveness of spinners you can use threading on the forearm of the hook of colored duct tape or colored hairs. The most attractive flowers to perch are red, yellow and green.

Choosing the balancer, check for large models, but also pay attention to the sizes of hooks. The most optimal size for perch — # 5 and # 7. Combine this balancer is with the most rigid nod.

But the spinner should choose the other way. A small spinner to attract the bass much more. Bait as choose the comparable season. At the beginning of winter, when the ice began to set, use a large bait, and then, over the winter, go to the smaller ones.

Tactics for catching redfish

Winter fishing for perch consists of two basic stages: drilling holes and fishing.

Drilling: First of all, you need to find a suitable place and drill the first hole. Drilled the hole, immediately throw a little bit of bloodworms, and start drilling the other holes. For effective fishing, it is advisable to drill 10 holes at a distance of 5-6 meters from one another. After that you can proceed directly to fishing.

FishingSuccess bass fishing depends largely on the accuracy of the animation of the spinner. The fact that perch refers to the type of fish, which is more important for the game gear, not its form. There are some basic animations:

1) Lower the jig to the bottom. Next, tap 3-4 times the bottom and begin to lift the jig at 50-60 cm from the bottom. Lift evenly. The more intensity the better. Repeat this procedure for 7-8 times.

2) Set the jig intense fluctuation at the bottom, making the occasional stop for 2-3 seconds.

3) Lift the jig from the bottom to a height of 30 cm, placing her hesitation. Fluctuations should be of medium strength. Then, re-lower the gear at the bottom evenly, without hesitation

4) Tap the jig on the bottom (6-8 times), raise 5 cm, again down to the bottom

5) Lower the jig to the bottom, then evenly raise up to a height of 15 cm, simultaneously tapping the whip.

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