Winter fishing for Chub

Winter is fast approaching and the cold, she would bring completely cover our country. Many people love this time of the year, and some opponents cold, so I love the sun and beaches. But it is known who is eagerly awaiting the onset of cold weather and hard frozen ice. Naturally, it is the fishermen who have already developed gear, warm clothes and hot drinks, which are an integral part of winter fishing. One of the most cunning fish, able to adapt to changing weather conditions, there is a Chub. This fish used to be in small rivers, and with the onset of winter does not change the place of deployment. Naturally, in this period of time Chub not so manifests its activity, but catching it is still quite possible. Chub does not require the introduction of new fishing methods and fishing tools of science, as it continues to bite on spinning. However, due to the fact that cold water becoming more transparent, the fish still need to be able to cheat. In order for the frequency of fish increased, professionals suggest to use as bait such bait, which accurately copy the movements of potential victims Chub. Its location, the Chub is also changing with the onset of cold weather. Now it is very difficult to detect in the river. Chub in the winter has a tendency to move to those places where there is an underwater shelter. A very important factor in winter fishing for Chub is the right choice. It is best to choose a place where the current is slightly weaker than in other places. By the way, the current can be used to increase catch. A well-known fact that the Chub is not particularly bite without the bait. Thus, the angler should roughly calculate the flow velocity and its direction. Then lure the place is not beside him, and a little further. Chub that is near you will feel the bait, which carries over and away from you will not escape. Also chubs that were in the place where the fisherman lure, too, will come to you because he’ll have to chase the food. As bait for goals often use feed bloodworms, which is mixed with small particles of gravel and sand. This set of bait often brings great success to the fishermen. But recently it has become fashionable to add to this set a little more pluck, which is washed with water and creates a pleasant smell for Chub, after which he begins to actively bite on bloodworms. Is a little to say about the features of winter fishing. When fishing for Chub, I advise you to use a tighter nod, which won’t be too exposed. If you use the float rod for catching Chub, then you need to buy a thin, but very strong fishing line. The most well-known types of fishing line were the German and Japanese monofilament line, which thickness does not exceed 0,2 mm. Some fishermen use as bait jig. In principle, this method also has a right to life, as there are examples when such a lure caught Chub to a considerable size. Using this method of fishing need to know that Chub are not particularly fond of heavy trolling, so experts suggest to use multiple small pieces that are attached one-by-one that by its appearance creates a so-called locomotive. Do not forget and about security measures, because Chub are biting in areas where there is an undercurrent that can undermine the ice and make it more fragile.

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