Winter fishing for carp

One of the most interesting winter fishing can be rightly called fishing for carp, because carp is a peaceful fish and does not show excessive activity. It also happens that in winter carp is virtually the only prey of the fishermen. It is possible to consider in more detail the peculiarities of winter fishing such an interesting and nimble fish like a carp. We must first determine the location where you will be fishing. The first criterion to consider is, of course, a favorable place for the environment of carp, that is, the presence of the muddy bottom, which is to carp life-saving shelter. The presence in the reservoir of such representatives of fish fauna, as roach and perch that live only in places with a high content of oxygen can safely be assumed that there is carp, and he is very active in this pond even during winter. If we pick up a tackle for winter fishing carp, they can be divided into two types: a jig and a float. In the case when carp are frightened by the soldered hook with a sinker and bloodworm is more preferable for him, used to float rod. But here there are nuances. First, the float should be under water not to freeze up, and the second hook must be much less than what is used in summer, for the more easy dressing bloodworms. Hooks are usually used with numbers of 2.5-3.5. Most often when fishing for carp use the jig. When choosing mormyshkas need to pay attention to the fact that carp are often caught on a silver and dark tones, and it is better to experiment a bit to decide which style is better. You should pay attention to the choice of fishing line, which depends on the water clarity and size of the prey. The thickness of the twine may vary from 0.08 to 0.14 mm in diameter. The main lure for winter carp fishing is bloodworms, which is strung on a few pieces. The bait should be changed at regular intervals, as carp — fish squeamish. Carp can be caught on worms, whether dung or earth, which it is best to harvest in autumn and store in a special box with the earth, watering it periodically. Well carp are taking dough prepared from wheat or rye flour. Well in the dough add the egg yolk and honey. In order to avoid freezing of the test, it typed in a syringe and stored in a pocket while fishing.

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