Winter fishing for carp — the subtleties and secrets

fishing for carp vzimku

Catching carp in summer are common and very popular. What about winter fishing for carp? What gear do you use? Where to fish and at what depth? It is better to stick on the hook? This article reveals all the answers to these questions. So, let’s proceed.

In the winter you can successfully go on the ice, catch a good catch. The result of fishing depends on fishing. In small ponds that freeze completely in winter, catch carp is almost impossible. On lakes and ponds, which sizes more, to obtain a good catch is much more real.

Observed fish activity during Sunny days, then the fish wakes up hungry, and she goes out to feed. In such warm days, good bite occurs around the clock, you can safely take a tent and stay the whole night. Conversely, when you hit extreme cold, there is a high pressure, the fish stops feeding and goes into depth.

There are two basic types of carp fishing on the ice: fishing on float tackle and a jig. In this article we will focus on the jig.

The choice of catchability place

The main criterion by which you should choose the place for fishing is the water exchange. The «perfect» bodies of water there is a small current, the bottom is «clean», does not contain silt. You should pay attention to the depth. Too much depth is not the best option, as already mentioned. There is carp less active, not hungry.

Feeding carp, you’ll be near the coastline, at a depth of 2 – 3 meters. It makes sense to look for the fish near the reeds and algae (black stains under the ice). Sometimes, not one of the above options does not work and have to look for carp around the pond, proburivaja a lot of holes. When exhausting search gives the result, with relief you can breathe. This is the place to be happy about the constant fish activity more than one day winter carp slow-moving and will stand there for a long time.

Kind of tackle to use?

There will need spinning, with a nod. Mainly used a short whip to 250 mm. What is the explanation? – during biting, cutting occurs due to the movement of the arms, the fisherman is near the hole and it is therefore inadvisable to use a long whip. Selection of the nod depends on the spinners, but rather its weight. If you compare the nod for catching carp and perch, it is safe to say – a nod to peaceful fish is more sensitive and softer bite carp very neat.

When choosing a fishing line, note its diameter should be between About A8-1omm. High quality fishing line produced abroad, it can sustain animals up to 1.5 kg.

Jig performs the function of «delivery» of a hook with a nozzle, directly into the water column or on the bottom, it should be noticeable and attract the fish. If fishing occurs during the day, then use the spinners in gold and silver colors at night with fluorescent lighting. The shape of the lure is not important, it can be varied – «the ants», «pellet», «drop», etc. the Hooks need to be careful whose beard is not large. Size range No. 15 – 18 according to the international classification.

Bait and bait

One of the most popular baits for catching carp in winter – moth, it nasazhivajut on a hook beam. Prerequisite – stinger hook should be completely closed. The current baits include the following: manure and earthworms, dough, maggots.

As for bait, it should not be too much. When excessive skarmlivanii egg, no fish – guaranteed. In the market you can purchase ready-made baits, especially for carp fishing. If there is no such perfect bait for catching carp and roach.

To really prepare the bait itself, it needs the breadcrumbs and meal. For best effect, there is added the following ingredients – chopped manure or earthworm, maggots.

The bait mixture is diluted with a small amount of water from the reservoir, a mold in the form of balls with a diameter of 5 – 8 cm is Necessary to overfeed the fishing spot an hour before fishing.

The process of catching carp in winter

For successful fishing experienced fishermen drilled a few holes at the same time. If it takes some time (about 30 – 40 minutes) and the fish is not visible, it is advisable to move to another place.

A pair of rods fixed in stationary state, the bait is lowered a few inches from the bottom. Leave one rod for active fishing, they play throughout the fishing. Is the process «game» is as well – fisherman gently lowers and raises his jig on 20 – 40 cm, making a pause to 5 seconds. In most cases the bite is happening during a pause.

A great deal of activity fish, all rods «tight» are, a fisherman closely monitors each of them. Cutting can be carried out by rod and hand line, it depends on the size of a living carp. When cutting it is impossible to make sharp and strong movements, so as not to tear the carp’s lips.

Video How to catch carp in the winter. Carp in winter

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