Winter fishing for carp – choice of fishing tackle and lures

Carp belongs to the atypical fish for winter fishing. Usually in winter to catch perch, roach, white bream. But in areas with slow water, especially during the thaw, you can find and carp.

Fishing for carp in winter becomes ineffective with the arrival of cold weather, as this fish is slow-moving, and cold water feeds inactive. Carp during the entire winter season, basically you can fish in the reservoirs located in the South of the country where winters are warm, with a short period of ice formation.

Locations catching carp in winter

For fishing, you first need to choose the most suitable, convenient place. Do not look for carp in deep water, because in winter this fish is not very active. It is best at this time of the year to find a habitat for carp along the banks of ponds, where the depth is from one to three meters. By their appearance the exact location of the fish is rather difficult to determine, because the carp are unpredictable. If it is necessary to pay attention to the undulation of the surface of a pond or on some underwater springs.

But it is best to fish in areas with the remnants of aquatic vegetation. With the advent of the ice carp prefer to stand at the shore. Currently, just drill holes randomly or in a checkerboard pattern to check the presence of carp in this place.

But in the midst of winter, with approach of steady frosts carp usually hidden in sand or silt, so often located at the bottom of ponds. For the fisherman who manages to find a place with the family of the carp into feeding, fishing will always be successful.

Tackle for fishing for carp in winter

Most carp anglers use gear with a nod to the jig, have a length of not more than twenty inches, or float rod with a hook and sinker. The bait in this case is that of a piece of lead or cloth, and a nozzle worms or bloodworms. For snap it is best to use a dark, small size spinners, have a very fine soldered hook with a small beard.

Carp prefer to burrow in the mud at the bottom of ponds. That is why when fishing for carp in winter float rod preferably periodically used to detach the nozzle from the muddy bottom, preventing the penetration nozzles in the dirt. Thus it is better to use rods no longer than thirty inches and very thin and transparent fishing line.

Baits for winter carp fishing

When used as bait spinner should perform minor, with short pauses, hesitation. Bites usually occur during a pause or at the beginning of the movement of the lure used, after a pause, allowing the angler to increase the number of bites by changing the frequency and duration of pauses.

For winter fishing for carp is good to use spinners in the form of pellets or droplets that have small coverage. When moving the fish catchability baits are red. These spinners must be of the smallest size. In this fishing bite often occurs at the moment of abandonment of the jig, so it is important not to miss this time and to be able to strike a long-awaited fish.

In winter, the fishermen sometimes have to wait very long for the fish to bite, as the fish is behaving very sluggishly. Such a long waiting usually leads to severe disappointment if when cutting fish breaks off the hook. And this often occurs when fishing for carp because this fish has very thin lips. Weak cutting or the delay in podsekanie often provide the angler failure. It is always better to have a landing net.

Tips for winter carp fishing

When winter carp fishing the choice of nozzles is not great. As a rule, fishermen are using bloodworms, worm or larva burdock moth. Sometimes at this time of year carp can be caught on dough or bread, which can be called the main nozzle.

With the knowledge of a small fishing secrets every fisherman will find success. And when fishing for carp in winter in addition to the possession of such secrets to a good catch fisherman you should have persistence and patience.

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