Winter fishing for burbot

Burbot, unlike other fish species, hunted in the winter, it is interesting that active and are biting even in the most severe frosts of -25 – 30 degrees at night. Fishing for burbot is necessary to prepare well. Night fishing in thirty-degree frost – a serious test. Here every detail is important.


Burbot — fish night, loves clean, cold water. Should the water temperature to rise to +10 degrees, as it becomes inactive becomes dormant. When the temperature goes down, fish re-active — looks for and eats frozen fish. The bottom ground has to be solid. Especially burbot loves rocky ridge. In the daytime hiding in any convenient shelter, in the pits, under the branches, snags, and under high banks, in crayfish burrows. At this time it is completely inert.


Given the behavior and preferences of burbot, determined by the place of his residence.

Is wellhead sections with a small current, the presence of bottom keys and keys with hard rocky bottom. In the pits burbot only costs, and feed enters the shallows, where many small fish. Therefore, for fishing you need to find the underwater table, i.e. a flat knoll. He feeds and closest to the hole stay the shallows.


Perfect simple durable spinning with an open coil and a scaffold not less than 0.35 mm and a set of spinners medium size. For catching burbot use such simple gear as zakidushka. It’s just an oblong piece of plywood with a U–neck for winding the fishing line. Hook, line and sinker — that’s all the tackle. Only for burbot used another simple design. The stick is tied a meter and a half of fishing line with a hook. The stick is lowered into the hole and pierces the bottom. Catch of burbot and using zherlits live bait is also a very common method of fishing for burbot. By the end of the fishing line snaps and the load above the load-lead with a hook, which is baited with live bait.


Burbot is considered omnivorous fish. He eats animals — small fish, worms, snails, frogs, shellfish. Therefore, bait animals are used: pieces of fish, meat, liver, worms. But it is better to use live bait and dead small fish. Therefore, in the places of residence and feeding in the evening put tackle with bait, and in the morning and collect loot.

Winter is the perfect time for catching burbot. Great, if you get a chance to try fishing in lots of places. When a suitable place was, will be here to catch burbot in the spring and fall.

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