Winter fishing for bullhead

With the establishment measured the ice cover on the pond life of its inhabitants is undergoing significant configuration in the criteria of low temperatures, from time to time zero light all of the actual processes of fish, namely IDE, damped. There is one interesting feature that should be considered. It is well known that as occurs 1st the ice, many fish move to shallow water. Such fish include perch, pike, carp etc. But the IDE is not the case. Chosen since the dawn certain deep areas of the pond, he did not leave them. And only in exceptional cases, usually weakly running waters, in violation of an oxygen mode, it migrates. Winter — the period when the large muscles gather in small flocks of 5-7 individuals. Crucial when fishing the lakes in the winter has a choice of time and place. Very nearly all depends on the weather. Let us examine each factor separately.

Place. On small, weakly flowing lakes that only areas at the confluence of the streams. If no bites, then you can with a clear conscience to go home. On large flowing lakes winter Parking IDE also peculiar. In cool weather this is the deepest productieve areas. But the thaw, at high pressure, the IDE can get on sandy, sandy and stony shallows. Why is it so — need to be clarified. It is known that in normal external atmospheric pressure and the pressure inside the bubble fish are in balance. But, imagine the atmospheric pressure has risen sharply. Now the fish need to be balance. How to do it under the ice? Method only one — to rise up or to go aground, so reducing the pressure on the walls of the bladder. First sensitive to pressure differentials fry. For example, it is quite often possible to build, as he stands beneath the ice or on the rocks (high atmospheric pressure). After him goes the big fish, including bullhead. Talk about a single suitable case. All the action unfolded on lake Mikhalevskaya that on the Karelian isthmus. The thickness of the ice has already surpassed the 10 — 12 cm, and I boldly went to the mouth of a small river where the depth exceeded 4 m. Weekday fishing is not enough. It is quiet around, only from time to time will suddenly remove the snow from the clutches of a centenary tree on shore, and softly purrs in his bosom the radio. Here, energetic bite, and I pull the ice perch-sailor, then 1… With the white veil of the clouds looked Merkle low December sun, and the East sparkled, began to play all around: woods, snow, water in the hole… I listen to the weather: «atmospheric pressure is 770 mm Hg. article, southern wind of 3 — 5 m per second, temperatures in the West region at night minus 5 to 7 degrees, in the afternoon — about zero,» gave the cheerful voice of the announcer. I got the map out of the depths Mikhalevskiy lake — «here we go, banks?.. Having passed metres two hundred, begin drilling the ice. «Yes, that’s right — only half a meter». Look in the hole. Almost under the ice a large flock of fry — very good.. And soon the little vertical spinner get big perch, and then the second. Pour into the hole a pinch of maggots, and, almost immediately, get a solid IDE… Short winter day soon begin to get dark. Catch impressive: 6 kg perch and two IDE! And two IDE for the winter — a good result! Time. Period fish the lakes in winter are short. In my experience, in warm weather it is in the interval 10-13 hours In cool weather and gluhozime — is significantly reduced. Of course, weak bite starts around 12 and ends at one in the afternoon. With the coming of dusk, the IDE does not take. This behavior is fundamentally different from the behavior of the roach, which, on the contrary, in winter, are often excellent bite at dusk and at night.

Tackle. For fishing the lakes in the winter, more suitable are two types of gear: «normal «balalaika» with fishing line section of 0.1 mm and a small losowymi coachmen. In clear weather they should be Merkle. Conversely, in cloudy, when fishing at considerable depths — a bright, polished. Fished at first near the bottom plots. The disposition of the toys are very varied, but generally he remembers the toy when fishing for roach or bream. For example, you can put the jig on the bottom and a little wiggle it or gently tapping the bait on the bottom. In gluhozime bite of yaz can be extremely lethargic, barely noticeable. With this in mind, you need to pick up a nod. When fishing on small areas (high atmospheric pressure) and weak for it should be of Dacron or astrolon. This nod is very sensitive and perfectly conveys the «soft» bite. At depth and for better use of the nod from a narrow band of metal.

• winter fishing rod for vertical blesneniya used for perch, pike, Zander. The whip of such gear longer, harder. The bite feels like a remarkable shot in the arm. It is clear that nod is missing. A good fishing rod for vertical blesneniya release in Finland: their cork handle, comfortable reel. For catching IDE is best to use the line diamet-ROM of 0.12 — 0.17 mm and the smallest vertical spinners. Again, well proven Finnish lures, but often densely meet excellent «work» homemade. It is worth noting another point: the vertical trolling on comparable large bait is better to be a Merkle color of darkened copper, bronze. And only at considerable depths (above 3-4 m) they can be bright, polished. Good results and small beams with a length of 4 — 5 cm with a suspended bottom «strojnicka». Currently on the market many different models of both domestic and imported from other countries, but only a very few give the «right» toy. A good balancer should be deployed right at the ending point amplitude and move in the reverse direction in the horizontal plane and at the same time, for «eight» (Fig. 84). In any case, newly acquired bait, you need to inspect in the bathroom, or in summer on the pond. The more the rocker will remind of live fish, the better. The technique of «working» the balance is quite ordinary: you need to smoothly and rapidly poddelnosti it up and then more quick hand movement to send down the bait free fall; in the lower end point he starts the pendulum movement resembles the movement of a live fish.

Nozzle. When fishing for bullhead in the winter, usually, animals are used nozzles: small maggots, the larvae burdock moth («red guards»), small worms 2 — 3 cm long, bloodworms. Many times I tried to catch IDE (on the Lower Volga, Khoper, the Sejm) on plant tips— steamed wheat, dough, corn, but the results were always worse when than when using animals of nozzles,

Bait. Applied in winter, in very limited quantities, especially in cold weather. Two circumstances: when bad biting fish do not feed young trees are consumed by and inevitably turns sour; IDE unlike bream, carp, roach is much weaker respond to the bait. The proof of this we see regularly: two or three days, being fed certain wells, and the result — take more bream, roach; IDE happens occasionally, and to a greater extent small, although in the water it can be compared a lot. Yazevoe usual bait in winter — a mixture of maggots, a very minor amount of steamed wheat and clay. For example: 2 matchbox maggots, 1/2 Cup wheat, clay. Fully pretty for recruiting IDE download two or three small balls of groundbait the size of a walnut. On the deepest places and the bait is lowered into the mesh feeder. For this purpose, about a meter from the «working» holes, drill another additional.


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