Winter fishing for bream

Unprofessional tackle fishing for bream in winter time does not differ from other devices. In winter, for these purposes often use the jig and a float. This time of year bream in the main produces his own food on the bottom. Its main food are living organisms, or the zoobenthos. Natural food from living organisms in water has virtually no weight. For its existence bream learned one rule: if the food hit him in the mouth, much more weight than necessary, for him it is a special threat. That is why the ground tackle needs to reduce the weight of the lure. That catch took the bait, you can find out if in still water he visibly pulled down and slowly stood up.

A rod with a float or a float rod used for catching bream in calm water and in current. The composition of the rod includes the fishing rod, fishing line, hook, sinker and float. Rod for fishing with float, you can buy in the store and do it yourself. It is better to choose a rod with a wooden handle, a pencil case. Such a handle is very convenient to reel the line. For fishing with a float absolutely don’t fit to handle from foam, as they are very light and blows away at the slightest wind. And the handles on the rods of the plastic is very hot when cold, so I can freeze the hands. When fishing on a fishing rod with a bobber on the fishing line considerably curved in an arc shape, it is affected by additional forces. Puts the power has an effect on the upper part of bend the line so it immerses the float. The forces that act on the lower part of the curve, trying to raise the sinker from the bottom. The greater will be the increase of bending, the stronger will be the influence of these forces. Accordingly, on this basis, the sinker must be heavier if the flow becomes stronger. In that moment, when there is a capture of bream for bait, the victim most often is head strictly against the current.

The spinner can be called the tackle. It consists of: a rod, line and nod. The rod for the jig can be absolutely anything. But a more convenient and acceptable will of a fishing rod with cork handle. Nod for catching bream is better to do long.

This catch, as on a stationary jig is not unlike fishing with a float rod. The only difference is that povestirile is a nod, not a float, as float fishing rods. In that moment, when the bream grabbed the bait, the nod will start to move up because the weight of the bait increases. Lures for catching bream are very different from other jigs, such as the shape.

Fishing rod twin-float will help much more accurately configure the device and significantly lower for fish sense lures. In this sinker device, and the float is divided into several parts: the main float and the float opoveshchateli sinker and jig. The float, which is the main, in any case should not reach the surface of the water. Jig and float opoveshchateli ensure accurate installation of the entire system. Fixture with twin float is used exclusively in stagnant water.

Tackle with high sensitivity consists of special sinkers and a hook stopper, the length of which depends on the sensitivity of the device. Allowed nod with a large bending angle, which is important in warm and quiet weather.

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