Winter fishing — fishing on mormyshka

Ice is a great place for fishing, but only if it is reliable. But no matter how I wanted to climb on the ice yesterday not available the lake, it is necessary to wait a day or two until dry frosty weather, and the ice thickness reaches 6-7 inches, but the thaw even this thickness of ice would be dangerous.

A big advantage of winter fishing is that to drill a hole and put there head in almost any point of the reservoir. Ice largely covers human movement, especially if it is snowing. The open area of the ice you can cover at least a raincoat and wait for the fish to bite.

Winter fishing usually starts with drilling holes. Experienced fishermen always make a few holes, then feed them and in turn exploit, choosing the most promising. It usually takes a lot of time to a few hours.

By the way, often catchability hole trying to save the day, covered with snow in the hope that it will freeze less and tomorrow it can gently clear and to continue the successful catch. But to not forget the place and the hole is not to meet other fishermen, it is better to put a marker on the sidelines, for example, five steps South, or in the direction of any object on the shore.

Winter fishing methods different for a peaceful and predatory fish. Especially in winter when fishing peaceful fish on mormyshka in the winter the float rod. Many winter anglers prefer a jig, and often catch perch, ruffe, roach, bream and white bream. There are biting walleye and pike, but they usually end in breakage of the line.

Catching of predatory fish in the winter carry on spinner (vertical jigging) and on the imitation fish (live bait). The main objects of fishing are perch, pike, burbot, Zander.

Winter fishing rods differ from each other mainly in the equipment.

Fishing on mormyshka

The tackle for winter fishing on mormyshka consists of a spinning (rods), nod, fishing line, jig.

Equipment. Spinning consists of short and wide arms with built-in inside a coil of fishing line and whip (often removable) is no longer than 25 cm the whip is nothing special. It may be noted that it is the Muff nod.

To output the spinning is not used, the fisherman pulls the fish line. However, it depends on the quality of the cuttings, so it should be tough enough and durable. When fishing, the fishermen hand completely covers the handle (colloquially called a fishing rod «balalaika»). At the end of the whip that is inserted into the handle, strengthen a nod, through which the line passed.

Because in almost all types of fish are less active and have weaker resistance than in summer, for fishing use thin fishing line (from 0.1 to 0.16 mm). Even on this line you can catch quite large prey. Using elastic scaffold improves pricing and enables a greater number of bites. The important point is that fishing line is not subjected to icing and severe frosts had not lost its strength.

Jig — a kind of bait, purely Russian invention, «hybrid» natural and artificial bait. Is a little (sometimes a match head) blazenko with a single hook, which looks much bigger natural head, often a Joker.

The appearance of most of the classic lures suggests that they originate from blasenak as any jig consists of a base — brass or copper and of weighting, which is soldered to the solder.

It is considered that the origin of the spinner associated with crustaceans-Scud — gammarus. Supposedly its vibrations like the movement of this invertebrate, who like to feed a lot of fish.

Modern spinners — little balls with hooks with colorful beads and thread whiskers, making them look like water creatures, such as a Scud or a donkey. Such baits caught fish without additional attachments. However, provided that the jig performs a constant movement. It may just fall to the bottom, but it’s better if it’s oscillation, vibration, shocks. Rasprostranenii method of controlling the jig is raising it by about half a meter from the bottom and is released into free fall. As a result of collision with ground silt raises a cloud of turbidity, which causes the fish’s appetite.

There are many different types of lures (like spinners), which differ from each other form .

Material for the manufacture of jigs are often heavy metals: lead, copper, tungsten. So the jig is more perfect weight fast utaskivaet the hook on the bottom. In principle, this is the main purpose and winter fishing. The proof of this is widespread in our time, tiny jigs made from tungsten, one of the most heavy metals.

Nod. A man’s hand, really feeling via hard line and spinning a bunch of perch at the spoon, catches the gentle touch of a tiny roach baits with bloodworm on the hook. Therefore, when fishing on mormyshka is used a nod — the most sensitive element of the rod, which shows the jig reached the bottom, improves her game and clearly captures the moment of take.

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