Winter experiment with scarves

Good day, dear colleagues fishing.

Today I want to share with you one system which I think should give a good result. To start with, the technology of catching fish designed for the winter period. And then it will be like today I developed this system for lunch I have prepared everything you need, and at sunset went to the ice to experiment. Went…

The time was about 10 o’clock in the morning. I woke up early, and did not want to fall asleep again. After spending about half an hour, I came up with an interesting idea. And she came to me because of the window of my house the roof of the neighbors. This roof was cat, carrying in his teeth something to eat. Whether it was a fish or piece of meat is left to me unknown. However, it is the thought of fishing in the winter – started to arise in my mind. After 15 minutes of deliberation, I came to the conclusion that it would be nice to fish without much time expenditure. Namely, to use the scarf as the main instrument of fishing. If someone forgot, the scarf is the network of triangular shape. As load use a piece of wire 1.5 meters long and tied on top of the foam float. So tackle and I decided to fish. Installation technique scarves in the winter I have been known for a long time. A couple of years ago I already had experience installing networking on the ice, in parallel, put a few bandanas. Unfortunately, I do not remember the result of past fishing, so I decided to experiment and hope for the best. With these thoughts I had already put the kettle on and warmed up his mess. The whole process of eating was accompanied by brain activity. Eating the last cookie, I knew exactly what and how I will do in the near future.

The day was surprisingly cold. To see the weather on the Internet, I did not, and ordinary thermometer I have. Wearing sweatpants and a light jacket, I went out to the garage. Leaving the yard, I realized that I had dressed very easy, but to come here. Fortunately, the garage is 10 metres from the entrance to the house. I live in the private sector. So pretty dead I failed, but this was what had. Quickly find in the garage, I got some metal bars, with a wound on them woods and ropes. It was scarves. They were in me because in my childhood I was fond of knitting these scarves. Dragging all this dirt, I began to gather the upcoming campaign on the ice.

The essence of the invented methodology was as follows. Drilled the hole, she eats large amounts of food. After dropping the makeup, put a kerchief. It’s simple and not burdensome. Good «efficiency» of this method would mean that more would not have to sit with a fishing rod waiting for the fish to bite. Put a few scarves, and you can go home. The catch to pick up was scheduled the next day. However, would such an option, in which fishing is carried out even on a fishing rod, and scarves – it’s like a safety net and confidence in the catch.

As an experiment I decided to use the scarf with a fine point. The cell size was 18 mm. Those who are versed in these values, now smiled. The fact that this is a very small mesh size, and catch in a scarf except that cuttings. However the big catch was moving the process, and my curiosity. Solitaire was checked for holes and equipped with an extra piece of line. When fishing scarf just takes a stick in the water. Also, you can omit from the boat. In winter, you need to lower the scarf in a narrow hole under the ice. That’s why need an extra piece of fishing line attached to one end of the wire of the load. Securing one end, I measured a couple of feet and tied the other end of the line to the main rope. Now the scarf can be lowered into the hole, holding for an additional cut, and after it will be in the water, I’ll take the main rope, and the scarf itself will take the correct form in the water.

Solitaire was ready for fishing. Meanwhile in the kitchen, boil water in a pot. I cooked porridge. Or rather cooked cereals of several types. It was semolina, peas, barley. A little bit of everything, but the result was half a plastic bag. All the cereal I mixed together, and added the soaked bread. Putting the mass in a plastic container, I went to get dressed.

Weather, by the time I looked. -28 degrees. For many anglers this temperature is unacceptable. But I’m loaded with optimism and enthusiasm, can not retreat. Boots, warm jacket, three pants, three socks, a hat, jacket and mittens – that was on me that day. I left the house.

It would seem that everything is ready and you can go. But I have not found screws in his usual place. Then I remembered that in the autumn they dug holes for fence stands. At this point, it again experienced fishermen smile. Because ice screws, after interaction with the land, could hardly confidently drilling the ice. I would not say that I was not trying to do something. Taking the file, I had a pair of dull blades. The result of this was, of course, is not enough, but everything In order.

Forgot to say that winter fishing for me is quite interesting and in the traditional performance. That is the bait sitting in a warm tent I catch with interest and pleasure. But experiments and an unconventional approach – a characteristic trait for me. That’s why I’m coming up to the frozen and snowy river.

To experiment on the river I thought was unnecessary and poorly effective. It’s all in the flow. And decoy, which was supposed to be a key factor – liked would be downstream, thereby diverting the fish from the established network. I went to the backwater, so to speak. It is very good that we have nearby is a place where the flow no power over the water. The backwater is connected to the river, but in General looks like a private lake. Here you can find a great number of fishermen. For reference I will say that during the weekend, on the ice, you can see up to 30 tents with fishermen. Basically, the fish caught and many prefer to sit on the ice, instead of lying on the sofa.

So I arrived on the scene. Frost fairly knocked down to the ranks of fans of winter fishing. Besides, the time was already evening, about 4 hours. In the distance could be seen a couple of tents, and next to me was empty.

A glance at the terrain, I found a bend in the shore, in front of which, I thought, there must be a fish. In favor of this was evidenced by the fact that there were a few wooden sticks, and this means that in here caught a pike. There are pike – there is a small fish, I thought. Drilling the hole I was in exactly between the two tent sites. Apparently in the morning they were fishermen, and now I had the opportunity to catch fueled their fish. Then there was the first incident. Screws didn’t want to drill the ice. With great difficulty and noise, I drilled only 15 inches, and it was because my weight was pushing on the drill. Realizing that this attempt will not succeed, I went to explore the remoteness of the tent. And lo and behold, indeed they were fresh. Some manipulations with ice screws on the old hole, and I saw the water. Sighing with relief, I got sabala, and pulled out of the hole ice. Vospryanuv spirit, I’ve raked together a home-cooked bait. And I was raked together into the feeder. Should tell you a bit about this tool. A homemade bird feeder, designed to target delivery of feed to the bottom. Arranged in such a way that a flick of the wrist, she opened the bottom, and all the bait is spilled in close proximity to the bottom. On the bottom I put about 3 feeders. Capacity of one – such a good handful. Except at the bottom, I decided to open the feeder a few feet and a few times a meter from the bottom. Well, very well I tossed a few handfuls of feed left. The remains of the porridge was slowly circling in Lenk, and I circled around her, warming the already frozen hands and feet. – 28 in an open area, and even with the wind turned into – 30. Literally 3 minutes, I felt right, and with his bare hands and spinning tackle. The process of lowering the «fresh» scarves are not caused trouble. I put it on the bottom, slightly pulling the main rope, and giving scarf «spanned» position. Hold a finger on the rope and making sure it didn’t hit the fish went for a walk around the lake. Standing still was a bad idea, because, as you know, not actively circulates the blood in the extremities cools down quickly. Making a small circle, and it took 20 minutes of my time, I went back to my gear. Pulled out and was surprised. Any fish in the gusset plate was not. On reflection, so far as possible the situation, I decided to put her again, but now in the distance from the bottom. The fact that I remembered how last year we caught baby fish at first ice. Then the fish was visible directly from the wells. Small cuttings were swimming under the ice. Deciding that maybe now the fish is skinny water, I lifted the scarf a couple of meters above the bottom. Another 20-minute walk, again I’m standing near the hole. Pulled empty. To experiment with the place it was not possible, again because of the screw, and I started to get ready.

On the way home, I made conclusions and assumptions. All concerned without scoring experiment. The main question: «Why?*» Found in my head a few answers: Wrong fishing spot. Little time was solitaire.

Accurate conclusions, of course, impossible to do, but because I tuned in for further experiments. Decided I needed to buy new knives to ledoburu. To equip a couple of scarves, and place them in different parts of the reservoir. Also thought about experimenting with food. It may be wise to use the flavors, and live supplements of bloodworms or hunchback. After the winter the fish are not so active, and it is possible –in such a frost is offended by a simple porridge.

At home, I was already in twilight, pretty chilled and surprised by the result of fishing. But nothing can be done, we must take it as a given of today’s experiment, and try something else. Here I have had the experience. Wish you a good bite, warm weather, and implement your thoughts!

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