Winter bream fishing with ice

When the pond came the first ice, which can move without fear, it’s time to go fishing and catch bream. This time of year bream behaves very actively, so there is a chance to add to the list of their trophies.

The diet of this fish is not so wide, so guess the bait will be easy. The most reliable and efficient options is the larva burdock moth and winter special dough. But in any case, the maximum result can be achieved when using good bait. In some cases, need to feed for a few days, maybe more. But not always such an option would be suitable, especially if free time is for fishing, you can allocate a day or two.

The solution to this situation is pretty simple. You need to join the ranks of fishermen, bream at depths down to 15 metres, using the hell out of me.

This kind of baits are most effective at depths more than 5 meters. Devil well imitates the larva Tubifex and other animals, which during the formation of the first ice moves the rocks into the depths. Bream, in its turn, after the first severe frost, is located in the same places, and in shallow water appears very rarely, only with the onset of the thaw and for a short while.

Bream fish is very cautious, which is sensitive to different noises, especially the sounds emitted from the top. The most rational, will be away from large concentrations of fishermen and various tent camps. A good idea is to drill wells at a distance of 50-100 meters from such places, but remaining in deep parts of the reservoir.

A little bit about the baits.

Frankly, the colour of the lure to the frequency of bites has no influence. On the same day, work well lures in black and white, with red and yellow beads on hooks of various shapes and designs. So long to choose not worth it. In most cases, enough to have different weights out and well-balanced tackle. Of great importance is the work of nod, and it depends on the diameter of the line.

In order to catch the Jack, you first need to have a view on what’s responsive fish. Given that the bream fishing occurs at great depths, the fish is not how sees not the exact shape and color of the bait, and responds to vibrations. So, it all depends on the skill of the angler to hold the tackle and create a Jack gamble. Every fisherman creates the game on his own. Someone used to fish standing who are sitting or kneeling, as a result, fluctuations baits, all different. You need to try different options, then to stay on more effective.

A few words about the transaction.

In this case, it is not necessary for someone to copy, because everyone catches exactly how it does. No need to count the vibrations of a second and so on. Slowly raise, swing, and therefore, you find your style. As for catching bream, a key role is played by the monotony of the transaction. As mentioned earlier, the bream – fish is very cautious, so seeing a failure in the oscillation of the devil, or stop, in most cases departs. The most effective game of slow detachment from the bottom and a gradual ascent.

Winter mastered the technique of fishing with the devil, these skills you can apply in the summer, fishing with a side nod. This activity is also very interesting, besides you can save the tested methods. But that is a separate topic of conversation.

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