Winter bait for bream

On often the question arises, «What winter bait for bream better?» there is no answer, as this bait just does not exist. Any bait is good in its own way and is selected by the fisherman in the store or prepared by each of them depending on the time and place of the alleged fishing, and taking into account the weather.

Often, novice fishermen listening to or reading about all this wisdom is not very much, and prefer to use, as it seems, the correct ancestral or parent tips, which contain a clear and concise answer: «it is Necessary to feed such a food.» But even among those burned in the first fishing, you can meet curious and inquisitive. On the contrary it is necessary to «break it down» by explaining the chemical composition and properties of each ingredient.

Winter bait for bream is not just throwing your home-made mixture of certain foods, and then periodic replenishment, and properly planned and properly implemented project. Only the knowledge of where, when and how to feed bream may give final positive result.

So, where to feed the fish when ice fishing?

Well, there is nothing new in contrast to feeding any other fish there. Knowing, from his own experience or the stories of fellow fishermen that the pond bream on bait is not seen, do not blame the bait and wasting time to search shopping or cooking at home, the bait is more effective. Just in this pond bream or does not exist, or its a tiny amount and it «settled» elsewhere. Such a place should try to find (watch fishermen and selecting the most successful to try to join him, of course, if possible), or completely abandon the desire to catch is bream.

Winter groundbait for bream effective when even in the summer we studied the elevation of the reservoir bottom, and select it silted, because such areas often costs a bream. You can explore the bottom and in the winter, but it will have to peck a lot of holes, to give every weight or heavy feeder, and thus to study the silting. It is desirable to know the depth of the reservoir in a prospective place of fishing as the bream on pervezimo is in the valley, and with the latest ice rises closer to the surface. To the question: «When to feed?» there is a definite answer: «There is a desire to have a great catch, don’t be lazy and go to the pond after dark». Winter fish are lethargic slowly discovers the bait, therefore, we should not be surprised, which is located nearby the fisherman does not have time to put your catch, and the other with even a hint of it. The reason is the earlier bait.

And last it must be fed. As mentioned above, the winter bait for bream should be served directly to the table» that is located near the hook and have a large amount. Again, filling a huge feeder Motyl bream just overfeed and forget about fishing. Bait should not saturate, and to whet the appetite, but because they should be in the hole to omit in a small device in several batches. To catch bream you can, and without pre-feeding, and during fishing, using bait nadovrazhino risking only catch small bream.

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