Winter attachments

The autumn months are time to do the harvesting of bloodworms for the long winter. However, its harvesting is not everything. The main thing that it remained suitable for fishing condition. I want to tell you how to solve this problem I have.

Getting the moth, I carry it along with a small pot and small seashells home where it lay in the wrong, but naturauy stocking wife. Add to the bloodworms small gold stone and drop the filled stocking in the toilet cistern. Since the tank is a constant change of water, and it remains fresh, bloodworms a long period loses its appeal and remains an attractive lure for fish while fishing. If home storage cistern is not acceptable, then they can be stored in any place where there is coolness in a jar filled with 10-20 gallons of water. The water in this case should be changed every 15-20 days.

Better to have a container of water remained without a cover or covered by a half. During the winter period namyvayut bloodworms two or three times, and the resulting amount of bait is enough for me to mid-spring.

The worms I have are stored in the following way. A bucket filled with earth mixed with fallen leaves from the trees leaves, add worms and put the container in the basement. This method allows you to keep the worms alive during the winter. If there is no basement, a bucket can be placed in any cool place. The main requirement is that the land should not freeze.

Maggot mixed with dry sawdust, is stored in a glass jar, which I put in the barn. During severe frosts the Bank is closed and buried in the ground (deep, the depth equal to the height of the banks), and on top of this place lies an old, warm jacket.


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