Wild as its habits and habitat,what you need to know hunter

Wild as it lives exclusively in the mountains. Sometimes it rises up to the Tibetan slopes to a height of 6000 meters. Feeds on high mountain semi-deserts, the food I can find. This is usually a variety of vegetation that is found on the road. In winter it digs out from under snow the rest of the grass. In winter, wild yaks protects from the cold long thick fur, and quickly climb the gravelly mountains to help rounded the hoof.

Wild yaks live in herds, where there are 10-15 goals. In ancient times, travelers were greeted by herds of yaks 100 individuals. For people wild yaks can be very dangerous. In the Tibetan stories of wild yaks say that this is one of the evils of man. Having met on the way people, large animals can attack and defend at the same time almost impossible.

The weight of old bulls often exceed 800 kg and the body length equals to four meters in length at the withers is 1.8-2.2 meters. The female is much less than the male, its average weight reaches up to 360 kg and a body length of three meters. On the back there is a massive hump, from which it appears visually inclined. The horns are long and thin, set wide apart and bent up at the head of females and males. In the wild, Jacob’s body is completely covered with dark brown long hair, on the face there is a small bright marks, which in winter protect from severe cold. With the arrival of spring, this undercoat is shed and fall out of the wool tufts.

Domesticated as you’ll be calm and patient disposition. Domestic yaks wild yaks are much smaller, their height at the withers does not exceed one meter. Which are used as pack animals, can easily carry the load even during a hard frost. Of them get milk, meat, wool, them do not need special care. The dung of yaks is used as fuel.

Sexual maturity of wild yaks reach only 6-8 years, with a total lifespan of 25 years. During the rut between males occur violent fights that end in serious injuries. Yaki is very silent, but during the rut the February issue of conscription roar. Pregnancy lasts 9 months, after calving, the calf will not part with the mother during the year.

Wild yaks are practically no enemies, the only one who dares to attack them are wolves, and only in exceptional cases. If the animal is injured and notice of harassment, it is not long thinking, and immediately attacked the man. The sense of smell in Jacob developed superbly, which is not true of sight and hearing.

The wild is endangered and is already listed in the Red book. The exception are feral yaks, to them hunting is allowed.

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