Why you need a hunting license

The most basic purpose of the ticket for the hunter is access to hunting. If necessary to obtain animals or birds without this document, you may find the poacher and subject to administrative punishment in the form of a fine.

Until 2011, he used the old procedure when issuing the ticket for hunters. Previously, there was no document with a common format, and the issue of identity has engaged in numerous companies. The owners of such a document was supposed to join the same organization and pay membership dues. It gave him the opportunity to hunt on the land and hunting farms belonging to the society. On the other hand, it could appear difficult if you have the desire to hunt in another region or on the territory of the society, the members of which he did not belong.

Now the situation has changed. In the state impose order in the sphere of forest and hunting economy. The result of this work was the emergence of ticket for hunters with a new sample. It could operate throughout the country and to replace the tickets in the region that have become invalid and are now used as ordinary membership book of the society of hunters. Becoming the owner of a single ticket, each will have the right to hunt throughout the territory of Russia.

The ticket for hunters and weapons.

Can the ticket of the hunter need people who do not hunt? Thus, the presence of such a document may assist those who have civilian weapons, buying it for self-defense classes and shooting sports.

Of course, the weapon with a smooth barrel can now be purchased without a ticket for the hunter. But in this version you can not wear it. Easy access to the weapon gives the possibility of a storage in the apartment, inside the safe. Transportation certainly allowed for repair or adjustment.

When there is a desire to take a gun with you in the car, Hiking in the wilderness or to carry to the range, it is necessary to obtain the ticket of the hunter. The owners may not worry to bear arms, following the observance of certain rules.

Another possibility, which is at the ticket holders get the eligibility for the purchase of rifles. Having the document, it is enough to wait for five years to be able to buy a rifled shotgun. A simple solution to storage of the weapon only gives you access to a gun with a smooth barrel.

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