Why the need for freezing bloodworms.

When after a period of fishing the fisherman remains the supply of bloodworms, fishermen often do not know what to do with expensive bait, which almost did not live to see the next season.

But there is a way that allows you to keep the bloodworms in frozen form, which is very often used by aquarists.

For this you will need containers in which to freeze ice cream in the fridge. Each cell is filled with bloodworms, filled with water, but so that the moth did not memorails not black. The cassette with the Joker remains for three hours in the fridge, and then cubes of frozen bloodworms placed in a plastic bag, which is then again placed in the freezer, keeping the long time period when you will need this bait.

Any container or cassette will fit, if not traditional containers for ice cubes. Thaw bloodworms at the onset of the season, you will see that he has retained his original appearance. Aquarists use ice cream bloodworms as fish food, throwing it in the tank still frozen. The fishermen the required number of cubes and soak them, after thawing water was poured bloodworms in the bait, carefully mixing.

To the cube of bloodworms are not kept buoyant, and sinking in the hole, it should be added before freezing the second one part sand. The main requirement in this sand must be absolutely clean. And then the cubes of frozen bloodworms can be thrown in the hole or dip the bottom in the trough. Large bloodworms can also be stored in this way and then use them as attachment.


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