Why the carp are biting?

It happens that one day Kras caught with a very active bite, the other will not bite and it is difficult to understand what factors affect it.

This can be explained by the fact that it refers to a form of carp. And this fish species is known to have no stomach and have to eat often, but small portions. It is also known that carp has «appetite» only when the temperature is 8-27 C.

If the temperature is at least degrees out of this range, the biting becomes very sluggish or it will not. When the carp » is the period of spawning, he eats little. And when the spawn ends, lives close to the bottom, losing their mobility. A few days after spawning they acquire former agility.

There are times when «do not bite», but still experienced fishermen without struggling to catch carp even in those days. Carp especially are actively beginning to take at dawn, when still the dawn, but if the sun has risen – biting ends abruptly. But it is worth mentioning that this rule is not triggered on a daily basis. Carp in its own way mysterious.

If you catch carp come in early spring, look for it on well-warmed shallows. Day small carp in flocks inhabits the upper water layer. But to catch larger fish, it is necessary at dusk to fish it reaches. This is used to fishing a bottom bait. Need to throw on the border between the algae and clean the bottom. Large carp take on the Nightcrawlers. Carp «likes» to it was attracted by food in the form of toasted cake or brown bread. To catch big carp you need to remember that he can’t stand the noise.

As bait for carp need a little pampering. In a pond it can only be caught on worm, and in another pond prefers bread or porridge. Worm carp can also go through. In one case, the better the fish will bite at a worm in the other – only the «tail» of the worm. Sometimes even better as a nozzle to use several worms. We must not forget that «moodiness» of the fish depends on its size. However, try to catch a big carp need from the bottom, most of all, he lives there.

Usually a good bite of this fish comes when the warm weather begins to change to rain. Also before the storm good bite you provided.


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