Why not bite the carp

The carp – fish are smart and picky. Even when fishing with the finest tackle and the right weather, the fishermen often faced with certain difficulties. We are talking about not biting. Like all of the canons, and the place and the lure, and bait, but the fish still aren’t biting. What is the reason?

The reasons may be different. To increase the efficiency of fishing, you need to analyze the most probable of them. So, most often carp hinders to catch the following:

• Too long (short) leash. Excessive length of the leash allows the carp carefully and quietly for fishing to examine the bait. He picks it up, tries and spits you out, if you do not like. Short leashes immediately wary shy fish.

• Perhaps a place where svim (bait spot) for some reason do not like carp, so he avoids. The same applies to the point of casting. You can check this in only one way – to try to catch elsewhere.

• Fish can scare even the bait, but rather its quantity. Usually, this happens at separate reservoirs in the spring. Carp afraid when in the water, suddenly there is plenty of food.

• Also bites do not happen because confused equipment. With snap-in carp this sometimes happens when casting (in the air) or during lowering to the bottom. Carp are also able to confuse her, studying the bait.

• Mismatch size hook size bait. It is believed that large hooks scare away the fish, so many anglers prefer smaller rooms. In this case, the hair should be use longer that the hook had more freedom and he was able to catch klonowska carp.

• Plenty of lures is a small area, and the number of carp in the pond are low. Most often with this problem carpatica face in the colder months. If it is known that the number of individuals of small, is to throw a snap so as to cover a maximum area.

• Noise on the beach – the human factor, which in carp fishing too often leads to failure. Noise can be different. For example, to move through the gravel, breaking branches, loud talk with a partner or on the phone… Any sound can scare the fish suspicious from the point of fishing.

• Carp can be spooked by experimenting with baits. If previously tested bite the bait, it is best to catch it. Unknown smell, form or color of the fish seem to be dangerous.

• Karp finds imperceptible on the background of the bottom bait with a weak odor. Invisible honeypot can do and the heavy sinker pulls her into the bottom mud. In this case, it is desirable to raise the proposed «food» with another snap.

Experienced carpatica know all the nuances of carp fishing, do not allow such situations or fix them on time, and therefore achieve success.

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